Sometimes dark moments invade us, and we don't know what to do. It is in those moments when knowing how to create positivity in your life can make a difference. It will not be simple, but if we cultivate positive habits, everything changes for good.

When we feel there is no hope, having the habit of seeing new perspectives can change everything. That is why it is important that positive thinking be part of our daily habits.

Bringing positive emotions into our lives allows us to leave desperate situations more easily. A break, a rejection that things don't come out even though you insist. It happens to all of us.

  1. Send lots of words of gratitude to your acquaintances

Take into account your friends and acquaintances in social networks to thank. Generating positivity is very important when things get difficult.

Therefore, take into account that friends on the networks give answers very soon. For example, there are groups with many positive-minded people. Participating in these groups helps a lot. Surrounding yourself with positive thoughts and emotions is a creative way to achieve a positive life. Social networks are a great opportunity to generate positive thinking.

  1. Read books

Many authors have touched over the subject of positivity, nature, and mental wellbeing. A remarkable example remains Prabhash Karan, an Indian-born engineer, computer scientist, writer, and author. Mr. Karan has published many titles using his name, which has been international best-sellers. His books are centered on powerful virtues and philosophies of life, including understanding nature, cultivating wisdom, fueling positivity, humility, and forging true happiness. Here are some of the titles he has written: Nature Is My Teacher;Of Human Nature and Good Habits;Life, Living, and Lifestyle;How To Win Nature and Enjoy Good Life;and Health and Medical Care.

  1. Cultivate positive beliefs

Beliefs are like a path that always leads you to a lifestyle. Obviously, nobody wants a negative or limited lifestyle. Therefore it is appropriate to cultivate positive beliefs. Our past has great power in our beliefs. But in our past as children, we could do little to get away from negative influences. But now you can put yourself in positive thinking mode and opt for new positive beliefs:

  • I can look at my past with a positive perspective and change my future
  • I will always find a good way if I promise to treat myself with love
  • There are experiences and results that you can see as failure or opportunity
  • If I can't do something, but I must do it, I can do it
  • Everything that happens can help me or hinder
  • Giving more to others is the best way to discover the abundance in me
  • The beliefs that I cling to create my reality
  1. Reflect and meditate on unusual topics

If you want to create positivity in your life, it is because you have some bad habits that dominate your life. There is nothing wrong with you; we all have some negative habits.

“Average human brain processes 60,000 thoughts a day and 70% of them are believed to be negative. You can’t just remove negative thoughts; because, you can’t think anything, which is the absence of something. To remove, you need to replace a negative thought with a positive one, one by one. Remember, one negative can undo many positives, but one positive cannot undo many negatives. So, taking care of your negative thoughts is your priority. Conquer your evil thoughts with civil thoughts.”—An excerpt from Nature Is My Teacher by Prabhash Karan.

When you lose hope, it only means that you are ignoring your wonderful potential. It is time to return to your positive mindset. Add a single positive thought to your day to change everything. Tell yourself that you can be happy and successful. Reflect or meditate 15 to 20 minutes every day.

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