Hi! I have come up with an interesting topic on developing a grocery delivery app. The grocery delivery business is seeing a colossal adoption only after the pandemic. Several grocery delivery platforms offered contact-free delivery to curb the augment of virus. Along with the contactless delivery measure coupled with the convenience, people started gradually shifting towards online grocery shopping.

In the upcoming years, the majority of people will be accustomed to shop groceries online. Eyeing this as a long term investment, business persons like you have already started developing grocery ordering and developing apps. If you are too willing to join the race, then we can help you with our Instacart clone app solution. Let us discuss the app from the features enclosed to the revenue.

Features Of The Instacart Clone That Gives An Amazing Shopping Experience

Access to multiple stores

Users have the freedom to purchase groceries from any of the grocery stores that are listed on the app. While users register on the app, the app will ask permission to access the location information. Based on the particular location of the user, a list of grocery stores situated will be displayed.

Estimated time to arrive

Once the user chooses the number of items, and enters the address to which it has to be shopped, the app will display the time of arrival.

Schedule delivery

Users have the option to fix a date in which they want the groceries to arrive at their place. What an amazing feature, right?

Track the delivery

Tracking is one of the inevitable features of this app. Once the order is sent out for delivery, users can check upon the status and the real-time location from the app itself.

Direction assistance

The driver app helps the driver or the delivery person find the route to the store as well as the user’s house. The in-app map will declutter the chaos in finding the correct direction.

Update stocks

Grocery stores can mention the availability of various items on the app. This will help users to know the items that are available and order accordingly.

The Revenue Channels Of Grocery Delivery Business

Commission fees - If you are running a grocery delivery business based on collaborating with grocery vendors, then you can collect commission fees for every grocery order.

Delivery charges - Delivery charges can be normalized based on the distance of the user’s location.

Of course ads are one of the sources of revenue to consider. On the whole, the grocery delivery business comes under the top successful on-demand services. Make the most of this business by launching your Instacart clone.

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