Alas! I came up with an interesting topic on developing a grocery delivery app. The grocery delivery business is seeing tremendous adoption only after epidemics. Numerous grocery supply platforms have offered contact-free delivery to prevent the spread of the virus. Along with the convenience of contactless delivery measurement, people are slowly moving towards online grocery shopping.

In the years to come, the majority of people will become accustomed to shopping online. Seeing this as a long-term investment, business people like you have already started ordering groceries and developing apps. If you are also willing to join the race, we can help you with our Instacart clone app solution. Let's discuss the app with revenue-related features.

Instacart clone features that provide an amazing shopping experience

Access to multiple stores

Consumers are free to purchase groceries from any of the grocery stores listed on the app. When users register on the app, the app will ask permission to access location information. A list of grocery stores located based on the user's specific location will be displayed.

Estimated arrival time

Once the user selects the number of items and enters the address where they need to make a purchase, the app will display the arrival time.

Time schedule

Consumers have the option to set a date on which they want the grocery to arrive. What an amazing feature,

Track delivery

Tracking is one of the essential features of this app. Once the order is shipped, users can view the status and real-time location from the app itself.

Direction support

The driver app helps the driver or delivery person find the way to the store as well as the user's home. The application map will reduce the hassle of finding the right direction.

Update stock

Grocery stores can mention the availability of various items on the app. This will help the customers to know the available items and place orders accordingly.

Grocery supply business revenue channels

Commission Fees - If you run a grocery delivery business in collaboration with grocery vendors, then you can collect a commission fee for each grocery order.

Delivery charges - Delivery charges can be generalized based on the distance to the user's location.

Of course, ads are a source of revenue to consider advertising. Overall, the grocery delivery business falls under high-demand services. Get the most out of this business by starting your own Instacart Clone.

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