If you want to install a deck in your property contact St Albert deck design. He has a professional approach and experience to convert any space into a colorful, functional, and beautiful landscape where you can live and enjoy. He tries to meet the requirements and constraints of every client that approaches him.

He is a qualified landscape architect with over ten years of experience in landscape design and construction. When you contact him for a landscape design you will get one which is beautiful and unique according to client’s requirements and budget. He will make sure that the client gets the landscape that he had envisioned.

Why choose St Albert Deck Design?

When you get a deck installed by St Albert deck installation you will have serenity and beauty in your home and property. If you are deciding to sell your property you will increase its worth and get a buyer fast. A deck can be an ideal place to relax in the evenings and to entertain when you have guests over on weekends. It can be a good place for kids to play too.

The crew at St Albert deck installation would be the right people to install a pool deck which is durable and attractive. The best material for pool deck is redwood which is easy to install as well as for maintenance. It will require maintenance once a year or once in two years.

Polyvinyl Chloride – the best decking material

Today the most popular decking material is PVC which is becoming popular with a lot of people wanting to install decks in their backyard. It hardly requires any maintenance and does not have any wood content. The premium quality PVC comes with an exterior layer of solid PVC with a cellular core inside. It has a 25 years warranty and the different colors available are gray, white, tan and brown. With maintenance once in two years you can have a serviceable deck for twenty years.

Deck Maintenance

A lot of people today have stopped using wood for decks as it requires annual maintenance for holding its original luster. If the annual maintenance is missed then the following year the deck will have to be stripped, washed, sanded and resealed which will cost a handsome amount depending on the size of the deck. Annual maintenance of a cedar deck for two years would live you with a lot more expense than having a synthetic deck which requires occasional washing for maintenance and will give you 25 years of service. Considering the expense involved in maintaining redwood, cedar, ipe, and decks of other types of wood people are opting for synthetic decks with least maintenance.


Install a synthetic pool deck and enjoy a swim and relaxing evening on the deck driving away the tiredness from a hard day’s work.


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