Installing a shower door can seem daunting to anyone considering doing it themselves. However, learning how to install a shower door is considered moderately easy for anyone that follows the given instructions and tools provided in this article. Regardless of what type of shower door you are installing whether it is a glass sliding shower door, pivoting shower door or frame-less hinged shower door, the same basic installation instructions will apply to all.

To help perform the task of installing a shower door you will need:

·Drill Bits for Wood or Tiles

·Bath Caulking

·Masking Tape

·Spirit Level

·Pen Marker

·Tape Measure


·Miter Guide

·Small Drill

Firstly it is important that you remove and inspect your new shower door from the packaging and check that every part of your new shower door is free from any damage. Once this has been completed you need to make sure that all the shower door pieces are in the box and matched up correctly with the diagrams in the instruction manual.

You will then need to accurately measure from the bottom of the shower upwards and from wall to wall. Then with great due care and attention use the hacksaw to cut the bottom rail. Then underside of the bottom rail needs to then be sealed and placed in the centre of the bath or shower cubicle. Lining up each of the side rails with your level you will need to mark the different screw holes on the wall. Using your small drill you will then need to drill the holes into the wall at a depth of approximately 1 1/4" deep. If you need to you can also insert anchors.

Next you will need to mount each of the side rails and measure from wall to wall the top of each side rail as accurately as possible. If it is required you can cut the top guide rail of your shower door.

The shower door or doors if you have two can now be slotted into place. They may need to be adjusted accordingly. To finish of the job the outside of both the bottom and side rails need to be sealed to make the joint waterproof. Finally, it is important to let the waterproof sealant set before having a shower and then checking for any leaks. The are many online suppliers of shower doors throughout the UK so don’t be afraid to search around online to find shower doors to fit your budget.

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