#You are reading about instant gratification and saving to plan your life. When you have a plan for your life which is your money then you learning how to organize, manage and balance your life. This will allow you to live in harmony, adapt and adjust where you need to obtain your needs, wants and desires on this journey of life. So, do not be late start today and lay the foundation for successful living or mentor a youth to success.
Just Google Essential 3-4-5 Ingredient Cookbook by Barbara C. Jones Now, that you are on the road to a successful recovery in your finances because you have talked to a financial advisor, accountant or CPA which ever suits your condition. You can select the Profession of your choice in your research to at least get the conversation started about money and having a budget. I suggest it would be good intellectually to know how all three professionals function. Another creative way to save your money and work within your budget have two bank accounts. One reason: have you ever experienced an automatic bill being paid from your account and oops for some reason the money wasn’t in account? Because your debit credit card or check transaction came into bank account withdrew your transaction 3-5-7 days later or even longer. (You over looked your check fees to bank being paid) Or you swiped your credit card transaction on your account and the store where you made purchase placed a credit hold for $50 or $70 more-additional after purchase and you did not realize. (The $50-$70 is on hold in your account until your purchase is cleared through your account). After this happens the available money you had deposited in your account disappeared or was placed on hold. So, now you owe late fees to the bank plus the company of the automatic withdrawal because the automatic withdrawal did not clear. So, ask and talk to your bank because fees change and when you swipe your credit card you never know when store purchase will batch out? Whereas, you may even owe your XYZ Company late fees for the money not being in account on time and might have to reset up XYZ Company account again for automatic for withdrawals. That is not the end of the story how about your credit report you may even get reported as a late pay. Your credit score goes down depending on the XYZ Company because they purchase the major credit agencies reporting system to keep tracking. So, I suggest that one should have two bank accounts same bank different bank just have two. These days one can transfer from one account to the other if you allow. I am sharing as a Professional from experience and have worked with one of the major 3 credit reporting agencies.

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Bio: Articles By: Patricia Ross Kaplan College Paralegal ABA Certificate; Kent State Branch Stark County A.A. Kent State University B.A. Marketing Degree Plan; Canton Business College; Art Institute of Dallas Video & Broadcast Production
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