For many, stress can be a major source of frustration and can lead to all sorts of health problems.

Dealing with stress can be a problem for many who suffer from stress symptoms.

Stress and anxiety go hand in hand.

Managing stress is an important aspect of relieving yourself of the tension of everyday life.

The following are effective instant stress busters and relaxation techniques that can help you keep stress down and your blood pressure in check.

1. DEEP AND SLOW BREATHING – believe it or not, the simplest way to manage stress is as simple as managing your breathing. Whenever you are confronted by a stressful situation, stop yourself from dwelling on it. Sit down, lean back, and start breathing slowly and deeply. Inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. Do this three to five times with your eyes closed.

This technique is used by health professionals to assist those who have heart and blood pressure problems. It’s a scientifically proven method to lower heart rate and blood pressure. It’s one of the most powerful stress busters available in the medical field.

of tension can be achieved through self-massage. Massage your forehead with your fingers and rub your neck with your knuckles, then lie down on your back and put a tennis ball underneath and roll over it, concentrating on the tense points of your back. Many high powered individuals claim this method as one of the most effective stress busters they have ever used.

3. ENJOY A QUICK LAUGH – ever heard the term “laughter is the best medicine?” This holds truer than ever in stress management. If your sanity is being threatened by too much stress factors at work or at home, take a break from your troubles and find something to do that will make you laugh.

Read funny stories, share a joke with a friend, or watch funny videos. Even tickling yourself or forcing yourself to laugh has been shown in studies to help lower tension and increase endorphins, the happy hormones, in your body.

4. RETREAT INTO A HAPPY PLACE – imagination is a powerful thing. It can help you release stress without having to go anywhere or do anything at all except imagine. Lie back on your bed or lean back on your chair and close your eyes and fly away to a place of pure happiness. Imagine yourself in the clouds drinking a sweet beverage, surrounded by angels and loved ones, or imagine yourself lying on the beach, enjoying the sun and the tropical breeze.

Whatever you imagine, make sure it is something that makes you happy. This is one of the most powerful stress busters man has at their disposal. It is all-encompassing, readily available, and effectively relieves stress.

Stress relief doesn’t have to be fancy, involve expensive equipment, or require gurus that charge by the hour. It can be as simple as utilizing the most powerful tools you have at your disposal: your mind, and your body.

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Stress is now part of our everyday existence. The stresses and worries we constantly have to face make life more challenging and problematic than ever. Start applying some effective stress busters that will help rid your life of stress, struggle and worry quickly and easily