There may be numerous, good antivirus products available in the market today, but few people realize that the simpler your antivirus is, the better it will be at getting the job done.

In most cases, saving your computer from virus infection is protecting means ensuring that your data security and protecting yourself from cyber crimes such as identity theft, which can lead to bigger problems. For those who think that they can actually enjoy going online without any form of antivirus software, remember that even for minimal computer users, it is almost impossible to remain virus and malware free. Moderate to heavy Internet users should keep in mind that surfing the net and opening as well receiving emails leaves you very susceptible to virus attacks.

There are several users who, despite integrating latest, greatest, up to date antivirus or internet security software get regularly infected. Why? Because of the way they use PC. There are sensitive areas that are a great security risk and average users can expose their PC to. Peer to peer file sharing software is one amongst several. Several people around the globe install this type of software and it is often available for free.

This sharing of software leaves your PC open to great threats, as you are not aware about the source of the file. Almost all users face common form of attack, when they try to play a media file, which they share including song or a video clip. Rather playing the file, windows media player notifies about downloading a certain plug-in or codec. The unsuspecting user clicks the "OK" button and waits for it to play. However, by then malicious code is installed and PC is infected.

Web surfing habits also has big part in exposing you to risk. A commonly used methodology by virus writers is recognized as the "drive by" infection. Many PC users do not realize that they simple browsing of web page can send malicious code straight to their HDD. This is the reason users using "less orthodox" sites such as download sites, cracks and serial number sites, and "adult" websites make their PC open to virus attack.

It is good to minimize your PC's risk exposure. Besides, when others use your computer you should always know what they are doing with it. This is essential step to safeguard health of your PC.

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There are many good antivirus and internet security programs available in the present scenario. Before buying you can go for a free antivirus download that will make you aware about the capabilities of software.