INTEGRITY – Your Life Line
Integrity, what does integrity mean to you? I want you to make a list of the qualities that you believe develops or supports your integrity. It’s important that you don’t use others beliefs as your benchmark – you need to dig deep inside yourself and come up with your own values.

If you compare yourself to others – you may find it hard to ‘stack up’ to the examples they set OR you may find their examples to be less than stellar and that you shine as a result (giving little motivation to improve). Either way, you will find it best to look for your own set of values.

Integrity does have one common theme – TRUTH
Once you have that set of values, I want you to “embrace your truth!” This means you need to come to terms with who you are and how you think about things, today. Appreciate the journey you have experienced to date and the lessons you have learned. Remember, the obstacles that you have encountered have molded you into the person you are today so, make the most of the growth you have experienced, but it’s equally important to be honest with yourself as well (after all, life isn’t all roses) thus, building integrity.

Embracing your truth and rejoicing in your journey doesn’t mean you have to broadcast your innermost secrets publically – in fact, it’s an individual exercise that shouldn’t be shared. In doing this integrity exercise, you will find and embrace the marvelous human you are and will, most likely, look at the world differently. You may find you treat others differently than you have previously – and this is a good thing. Remember – under the Law of Attraction, how you treat others will be reflected back onto you!

The Impact of Integrity on Your Health
Your body, mind, and spirit become weak and STRESSED when you don’t know yourself, it is like living a lie. You lose integrity and toughness and can easily come under attack from Dis – Ease (this means NOT being at ease, translate it as “disease”). When your body, or you, is under stress – you output less, meaning you aren’t as effective or efficient in any of your undertakings.

When you “live your truth” and start embracing the person you are (or are striving to be), you gain resilience and are much stronger, it all means that you have integrity. Your mental, spiritual, and physical selves will all show a significant difference and, as a result, you can ward off disease of all types and become healthier overall. Naturally, this doesn’t guarantee that you will never get the flu or other diseases however, if you do catch flu or colds they will be less severe, and likely be shortlived, because your ability to fight disease is much greater.

This is what you gain by having your integrity.
When you gain integrity, you also gain momentum that you can use for the things you want to achieve. Your health can (and will) be repaired with your new found energy.

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