Intellectual property law can be very confusing for one at times. Trademarks, copyrights, and patents have an interesting and positive role in protecting one’s hard earned content and generally knowing their role is generally half the battle. Intellectual property clearly reveals, the creation of property in one’s mind, which includes things like literary works, inventions, names, symbols, images and different designs that are used in commerce. In other words, one can describe it as the intellect that is generally the possession of the organization or an individual.

Practicing of such laws will help one to protect the creators of the new ideas and also may defend the company with the clauses that are included in the contract. For e.g. an intellectual property attorney will help an entrepreneur or inventor, to file a patent for a new invention or even to file the papers for acquiring trademark logo for the said invention as well. An artist or a singer can work with a designed IP attorney for them to file copyrights to protect one’s rights regarding recording the performance and sales of their works. Such designed laws help one to save the intellectual property rights for oneself as well as for others.

One can divide the intellectual property into two categories: copyrights and industrial property.
Copyrights are generally given to authors for their exclusive works and exclusive rights so that they can work for a limited period of time. copyrights generally cover the portion of literacy also artistic works: like novels, plays, poems, songs, films as well as other musical works. Copyrights must be renewed at a certain time gap, enables the creator of the piece of work to get benefitted from the piece of work.
Industrial property generally includes trademarks patents, geographic indications of the source as well as industrial designs. The patents are believed to provide with inventors of a new product. For a certain period of time, one may be not allowed to sell or use the invention without the proper authorization.

A trademark is also an intellectual property protection that can be included under intellectual property law and is generally used to protect the distinctive features that help in distinguishing the first product from the second. Those kinds of features include colors, symbols, names, brands, sounds, sign and smells.

Generally, intellectual property law is made to benefit the creator of the property, by rewarding one’s innovation and creativity in a unique way. Even the society benefits from such law as well, encouraging the rest of the society and other groups of people to get benefitted from the various products and services that are generally produced. These are the legal practices, which are indeed broad and is generally used to take of one’s intellectual laws. an intellectual property is generally one’s creativity and therefore the law is used to protect one’s such designs and inventions that are generally is a design made by others and is indeed and intangible project, therefore the protection of such materials should be done with due care.

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The author,Jeo Nash is a practicing lawyer of intellectual property law and has researched thoroughly about the matter and has a good knowledge about the subject.