Intensive farming, often termed as intensive agriculture is agriculture based production system which comprises of major usage of technologies, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals etc. One of the major advantages of this type of farming is an increased yield; hence there is a notable yield even for a small piece of land. Actually, this method comes as a boon for farmers with limited farm sizes to get an increased income.

Over the internet, the term intensive farming has been stretched a bit too far, but the basics of this form of mechanized agriculture are as follows:

Mechanical ploughing
Usage of chemical fertilizers
Utilizing plant growth regulators
Intensive animal farming also is a scope in this style of farming. To understand all the aspects of intensive farming clearly, a set of pros and cons have been listed below.

Advantages of Intensive Farming:

With the usage of chemicals, plant and animal diseases can be controlled. This forms the basis towards growth and productivity as well.
Intensive farming forms the basis of more income. It has actually re-written the figures for average returns from a hectare of land.
This type of farming has increased the overall food availability.
Even areas which were out of scope for farming and animal husbandry (barren lands) can now yield good results.
Disadvantages of Intensive Farming:

With atomization, there are more chances of pollution. Apart from air pollution, water pollution with usage of chemical fertilizers happens to a major extent. Sound pollution, though on smaller aspects does occur.
Intensive agriculture is responsible towards many cases of soil erosion.
Usage of pesticides can be harmful towards workers who spray them.
The eventual farm yield may be bigger, but it cannot match the advantages of natural yields.
Birds like chicken are often kept in closures which are made to form dens of permanent artificial daylight. This way, the living conditions are nothing but cruel to the bird stocks.
All in all, the working and the yield are quite contradictory to the concept of sustainable agriculture which is based on the principles of ecology.

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Intensive farming is a doubled edged sword capable of solving modern issues and raising many other concerns as well. Everyone should learn more about aspects like these. Like the Cambridge encyclopedia is known for its accuracy, selecting an informative source is as important as the information itself.