The information below is offered to you unedited as it was given to me during a session in my own Akashic Records. After opening my records I asked for guidance from my Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones about what to put on my website using the following questions.

How do I explain what the Akashic Records are on my web site?
Like this:
It is the record of the soul’s journey from the time it decides to take on an individual form. Derived from the word ‘Akasha’ (the ether from which all life and substance forms and to which all souls return) and the word ‘record’ meaning the intentional recording of all experience of each soul or life form.

How should I explain what an Akashic Records Consultation is?
Like this:
The 'records' are opened for an exchange of information and healing. This is done by various methods that should include the reading of a sacred prayer (statement of intent) that 'keys' into the vibration of the person being read and asks for the protection of God/Spirit/Source for the reading to unfold for the good and benefit of all concerned.
The information in the records is vast and is filtered or interpreted through the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones of the person whose records are being opened. Specific questions should be prepared that reflect the needs and current developments of the subject. Only information of value to the subject at the time of the inquiry will be granted. Bringing into alignment the past, present and future present in a manner that is understandable within their current frame of reference. Their ability to listen and be open to the information also will have a great impact on the flow of information given.
There are times the information will not be immediately understood but will later be brought to light. More importantly than the information is the exposure to the vibrational energies granted during a reading. The level will begin a chain-reaction to allow connection back to the source. This reaction could manifest during the reading or much later or be stored away for another incarnation. It is a download on a level we cannot fully expect you to understand.

How much of this should I publish?
All of it.

What else should I say?
We (the keepers of the Records) are delighted to be of service to the human race at this time. The overriding point of your evolution and basis of the continuation of the material existence you now experience is to increase your vibrational attunement. This is done by shedding the veil of separateness you have been suffering under. Each human life is precious beyond explaining in accomplishing this.
Every pain, trauma, separateness belief within each lifetime has to be released. They act as walls, curtains that block you from the truth.
Pause, new ‘voice’ - with humor...
One of the questions on your intake form needs to be “At what vibrational level do you wish to live?” Another, “Are you ready to have your life change?” And “Can you see your own brilliance?

Author's Bio: 

Julie lives in the beautiful U.S. Northwest and is certified by Journey to the Heart to conduct Akashic Record Consultations. Julie's personal journey gives her a unique depth of compassion and understanding of patterns of resistance and disbelief. She works within a 'field of grace', The Akashic Records, to reconnect you to your divine self and your own divine light.

Julie also owns and operates a graphic design/web development business that caters to 'like-minded' entrepreneurs and new businesses.