When visitors skip intentionally the ads coming together with promotional videos, something terrible happens. That is, most of what you’re offering will hardly reach the customers. That means the overall customer engagement and conversion rate will significantly drop. However, this is the period of technological growth and thing keeps on becoming better each day.

Ryan Phillips is selling Interactr Evolution, a unique platform that is helping address this problem. The platform is taking advantage of the methods of video marketing the big companies use. The methods include layering and segmenting videos to direct customers through different routes. Keep reading to find out more about this platform.

What’s Interactr Evolution?

Interactr Evolution is a cloud-based, modern and user-friendly app for video marketing. This app lets you edit and include interactive layers to your promotional videos. You don’t need to have any experience as the interface is straightforward to use.

Further, Interactr Evolution allows you to increase your customers’ interaction with your products. In return, that helps to boost customer engagement, CTR, increase traffic, conversion rates, and customer loyalty.

Interactr Evolution Key Features

Video Segmentation

Interactr Evolution allows you to divide your videos, making segments that can be replayed, forwarded, redirected, etc. For instance, you can replay a section of a particular video to allow your viewers to change their minds. You can as well track the performance of the videos for other uses like changing offers, evaluation, content adjustments, etc.

Video Layering

Interactr Evolution makes use of a method utilized by large companies: layering promotional videos. Create videos with multiple layers made from smaller videos. You can then show some of these layers to viewers depending on the answers they provide for specific questions. That way, you’ll understand your viewers well and provide them with better and satisfying solutions.

Hotspots within Videos

With this functionality, you can include small boxes to your videos. The followers will then click on them and, there you learn their favorite activities.

Multiple Usages

You’ll love the attractiveness and versatility of videos the Interactr Evolution creates. These videos can be useful in numerous niches and different uses. For example, you can make these innovative, segmented, and informative videos for promotional campaigns, video sales letters, and other purposes.

Pop-up Templates

Interactr Evolution allows you to create pop-up at different places of your promotional videos. That means you can interact and engage with your audience within the videos for better results.

Chapter Arrangement

With the simple interface, you can conveniently rearrange the segments of your promotional videos. That will allow you the whole video to appear as an interactive map.


• Interactr Evolution comes with a user-friendly interface
• It helps you drive more traffic, leads, sales, and increase conversation rates
• Enjoy innovative video layering and segmenting
• Know viewers’ interactions through pop-ups and hotspots
• Helps you in tracking your videos’ performance
• Map videos with ease; drag and drop


• No significant drawbacks so far

Interactr Evolution Price

Front-End for Interactr Evolution 2.0 is $47 to $67
OTO 1 – Interactr Evolution Club for $37 per month or $147 per year. This OTO offers you the following:

• More innovative stock videos
• More New pop-up templates
• Extra video assets
• More fully DFY interactive and attractive video templates
• More button graphics

OTO 2 – Interactr Evolution Agency Academy for $97 per year or $197 one-time. Here, you will enjoy the following:

• Provide Interactr Evolution service to your customers under your brand
• Enjoy 100 percent of profits
• Add sub-users to your dashboard directly
• Get access to all the necessary tools
• Utilize your own logo and domain

Final Thought

As you can see, Interactr Evolution has a lot of features to offer. Additionally, this app is cloud-based meaning you don’t need to worry about downloading anything. It also comes with a user-friendly interface. The best part of it is that it’s affordable at $67 for the front-end price.

For an application that does all the above, you can agree that it’s an excellent tool to try. Also, the prices have a 30-day money-guarantee which means nothing should stop you from giving it a try. It’s time to increase your conversation rates!

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