Real estate of any country plays a significant role in its economical and infrastructural growth. This caters to many significant things in a country which includes affordable housing facility for the residents, effective infrastructural system for people, communication and security, energy, proper sanitation facilities and more. Real estate is linked to the economic prosperity of a country and also has a great influence on political stability, social justice and the quality and standard of life people residing here experience. Similar is in Malaysia, the prosperity and growth real estate Malaysia has added to the overall growth of the country is a widely known truth and is just great.

Last couple of years has brought a transformation in the traditional or conventional real estate practice that has undergone a complete makeover. Developers in Malaysia have now shifted their focus from homes and apartments to smart buildings that are equipped with the latest technologies. This change has added significant momentum to the use of new models of management practices and development in order to create dwelling places that are environment friendly and at the same time offer everyone a balance of every factor. Amongst all this was the birth of a new concept in Malaysia that was named real estate bidding. This practice in simple words has brought an evolution in the buying and selling trend of people interested in investing on properties in Malaysia.

One such forum that witnesses this growth and development of real estate in Malaysia is what the INTEREC is all about. Annually a conference is held by this organization, which is hosted by CRES aka Centre of Real Estate Studies. This year the conference will be held from the 9th till the 12th of June at the Universiti Teknologi, situated in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. The main focus of this conference is to provide information and a source of discussion and help people get educated about the latest happenings linked with sustainability in real estate malaysia. For people who cannot attend the conference in person a proceeding will be published by ISI PROCEEDINGS in Thompson Reuters.

The attendees at this conference are probable to come in a large number. Also, the conference is expected to witness people from different fields including stakeholders, scientists, researchers, developers, builders, investors, contractors and all others working in real estate. Experts from fields like finance, agriculture, engineering, construction, asset and facilities management, economics and from other public and government agencies will also mark attendance this year. The conference will act as a platform to help everyone get aware about the latest development in terms of management and technology concerned with the development in real estate in Malaysia.

The conference that aims at knowing input of property to the community, economy and overall growth will cover a number of other topics too. These include property education, property investment, property development, property management, valuation and study of property market concerned with not just urban but regional and rural sector too. There are a number of other topics too that INTEREC 2012 will focus on in the form of discussions and while educating people.

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