After months of speculation, the Fed decided not to raise rates at its most recent meeting.

However, that doesn't mean things are fine and dandy. We're not in the clear...just year.

Smart and savvy investors see the writing on the wall. They know that with the markets as volatile as they've been it's only a matter of time before we DO see a rate hike.

And things could get ugly, fast.

Short-term rate hikes impact everything from how much you pay to borrow money to how much interest you earn on your money market accounts.

So the timing couldn't be better for this 'interest rate alert'.

Here are 2 things to look out for:

1) Expect more volatility in stocks and bonds. The Fed’s stable rate policy has helped to suppress volatility across all asset classes.

2) Don’t lock in today’s low yields on long-term savings products like 3-, 4-, or 5-year CDs. Instead, wait until we’ve gotten a handful of rate hikes so your bank has to offer you better yields. Consider online-only banks, which tend to pay higher yields because they don’t have physical infrastructure costs to cover by offering lower returns to deposit holders.

But this is just the beginning. Click here now to read the full article with all 5 things to look out for and get yourself ready for rising rates:

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Mike Larson is the instructor of How to Profit from Changing Interest Rates at He joined Weiss Research in 2001, during which time he has been, alternately, an analyst, editor and writer for Money and Markets. Previously, he worked for, where he analyzed the mortgage and interest rate markets. While still in college, Mike got his start tracking the financial markets at Bloomberg News. He has been quoted by the Washington Post, Reuters and Dow Jones, and has appeared on CNN, Bloomberg Television and CNBC.