Lord Krishna is one God who is loved by all for his giving nature and playful ways. This butter thief was the 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu and was much loved by all, be it men, women, or children. But even though we love Lord Krishna a lot, most of us don't know everything about him in detail. So, in this piece, let's understand some of the interesting yet unknown facts of Lord Krishna. According to ISKCON Dwarka, Lord Krishna is someone who always made us go on the right path and we as his devotees need to know about him in order to love even more than ever.

So, here is a list of the facts that will amaze you and surprise you, all at the same time. Scroll down to know about these facts in detail.

He has 108 Names

Lord Krishna has 108 names apparently, but only a few are famous. The names that are said to be famous are Baanke Bihari, Girdhari, Hari, Ghanshyam, Shyam, Mohan, Devakinandan, Govind, and Gopal.

He is Playful for a Reason

Before Lord Vishnu took avatar as Krishna, he took avatar as Ram and as Ram was called "Maryada Purushottam", he never indulged in any kind of the wrong deed. That is why when he reincarnated as Lord Krishna, he decided that he will be just the opposite of Lord Ram.

Gandhari had Cursed Lord Krishna

How many sons of Lord Krishna is not the only question that you must have, there are many unknown facts about him. This is one fact that probably only one percent of the Hindu population knows. When all her sons, that is the Kaurava brothers, were dead Lord Krishna paid a visit to her in order to pay his condolences but the Queen was quite angry and upset with Kanha and cursed him that he with his dynasty will perish and won't see the day of the light of a single day after 36 years from that day. As Krishna knew that the Yadava clan was decaying morally and there was no sign of improvement in them he granted the curse by saying "Tathastu".

Krishna was Not Blue, but Dusky

Even though most of us believe that Krishna was a very handsome man and had a blue complexion, the truth is that he was dark in complexion and looked blue only because his aura had a tinge of blue around him.

With that, the list comes to an end. Now that you know facts of Krishna, you must be loving him even more. And, honestly, there is no other pleasure better than that. Jai Shree Krishna!

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