I have been working with a man who has been changing his life drastically and he just had his aura picture taken and his picture shows some very interesting things going on.

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1 - First of all, he has been going through the wringer of hard life challenges and now he is growing. Looking at his aura you can see some very interesting things. First of all divine white light that surrounds him… he has been giving all his life. This is a great sign… and he will continue to help people in amazing ways in the future.

2 - Also there seems to be more white light around him that is not associated with his aura. He is being cared for and looked after by his Archangel Raphael all his life… and now he has confirmation of this.

3 - All that pink to means to me that he has lots of confusion going on about his life. For you see he has had a very different life before now… and now everything has changed. But this is all good, change is good.

4 - Confusion is not a bad thing… it means that he is in the transition towards something better… this is all good.

5 - And confirming that he is divinely guided and that in the end everything will work out has helped this man to have more confidence in his future.

6 - This magnetic energy of the body and spiritual energy is all around us… and it changes all the time. This is just one quick peek into the spiritual aspect of one man.

7 - Also, his wisdom chakra at the top of his head is weak and that will change as he grows, and his throat chakra to speak up about his needs weak and that will change, and his creativity chakras about manifesting his life is a bit weak… and that too will change over time.

All in all, this is a very different aura than what I usually see for most people.

And his aura will change and grow and manifest a whole new aura with time.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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