Marriage is the most sacred relation among two human beings. Both husband and wife have different rights on each other which must be fulfilled by both parties. Women’s rights are always given importance in Islam. A woman has always compromised in her life. From the time when she is born, till she dies, all her life has been a journey of compromises. She has always made sure that all her relations are being taken care of. Therefore, it is also the duty of men to ensure that women are treated with kindness and generosity as well.
A man is allowed to keep four wives in Islam as long as he is maintaining balance and is fulfilling all the rights of his wife equally. If he is making a home for one wife, then it is obligatory for him to provide a home to all his wives. If he can’t afford to provide basic necessities to all his wife, then he shouldn’t have married them in the first place. When talking about rights, it is a right of each single wife to perform the Holy obligation of Hajj and Umrah if her husband is financially strong enough. Moreover, if the husband is booking the best ever Ramadan Umrah 2017 from Glasgow for one wife, then it is compulsory for him to book this package for his all wives otherwise it will not be fair for them. It is given emphasis in Quran that if a person believes that he can’t treat all wives equally because he can’t afford it then he should never keep four wives and should limit himself to one wife instead.
A man should think of all the sensitivities of circumstances. He should never force all his wives to stay together in one house if they are not willing to do so. One should always remember that polygamy was allowed in Islam due to certain societal issues. For instance, polygamy is done in cases where a woman gets widow or divorced and no other man is willing to marry her. Then a person can marry that woman for the sake of Allah and by having the permission of his wife. Giving shelter and security to helpless woman like a widow is the greatest virtue in Islam and its reward is promised by Allah Almighty. But the conditions apply that the man should maintain equality among all his wives at any cost.

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