After investing on a significant amount to purchase a boat, there are still some marine accessories which you might find that you need to suit your requirement. While most of these are available in stores, they sometimes may not come in a custom design to best suit your boat. In this instance it is always best to go with a custom made solution as in the case for a boat seat to ensure it meets your own unique requirements. There are also little additions such as fishing rod holders which make fun do it yourself projects and serve a very important function.

How To Make A Boat Seat

There are many reasons why many choose to build their own boat seat. For one, it could be made in the most ideal fit for the vessel you own. Also even though there are professional service providers who offer custom solutions, they often tend to be on the higher price range. Due to the high impact such marine accessories bring to a boat, many enjoy working on creating the seating by themselves as it is a very rewarding project to undertake.

In terms of materials, the basics required can be obtained from a local hardware or specialty material supplier. Since you would be doing the purchasing yourself, you will have fun exploring the various material options available in the market and choose accordingly to suit your style and budget. It is most important to make sure that you are purchasing marine grade materials which are able to withstand the harsh environmental conditions they will be exposed to. The following are some of the key points in making boat seats.

  • The most essential materials require would be marine grade vinyl, plywood and foam.
  • Start with building the frame to match the available space.
  • Leave about 1 inch of excess material on sides as sewing allowance.
  • Oversizing the foam by about 0.5 inches would create a full and stuffed appearance.

Tips To Make Fishing Rod Holders

An important part of marine accessories is having fishing rod holders. This too is a simple project to try out and would not even take as long as complex projects like making boat seats. All you would need are PVC tubing and other basic tools you probably would have at home if you are a fan of do it yourself projects. The structures can me mounted to any part of the boat and can be built to accommodate even multiple fishing rods.

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