Backpage is one of the renowned websites that made its presence on the digital platform in 2004. Since the evolution in 2004, it becomes a huge marketplace to buy and sell sex. After the backpage website was seized in 2018, numerous sites like backpage have evolved in the market. If you are also looking for backpage alternatives websites, you must know about these websites before visiting.

For you here we are providing some interesting facts about backpage that everyone must know.

One of the World's Largest Classified Company: Not many of you know that Backpage is one of the largest classified ads companies. According to the stats, it has its presence in 431 US cities whereas 444 cities worldwide. Further, according to the stats, nearly one million sex ads are posted every day. Similar to Backpage, numerous other classified ad websites were also present, but later the sex section was removed to keep it clean.

Backpage is a Big Sex-Ad Business: Before 2010, Craigslist and Backpage were the two big classified ads companies that work in the sex-ad business. However, Craigslist soon ended this section in concern to the public pressure. After craigslist, Backpage becomes the top sex ad classified website over the globe. As per 2014 data, Backpage made a margin of nearly 82 percent compared to other businesses where the margin is nearly 9.3 percent.

Backpage Refused to Remove "Sex trafficking" Ads: The website has millions of ads posted every day, and among them, some are 'sex-trafficking focuses. Many times, parents and the NCMEC have requested to remove such ads from the website, but Backpage refused to do so. The reason being, many parents find their children in the backpage ads and hence requested to remove such ads from the website. Backpage refused to entertain their request until multiple user requests were made.

In 2015, Major Backpage Payments were Blocked: Back in 2015, one year after the company was seized, major payment platforms including American Express, MasterCard, and Visa stopped the Backpage transactions. They mentioned it as illegal transactions that result in the blockage of app payments made on backpage. However, backpage later took the companies to court the payment companies were threatened to take this step.

No More Adjust Section After 2017: Till January 2017, Backpage had an adult section that includes multiple subcategories related to sex work. However, the company ended the section after the USA Senate accessed it. The senate mentioned it as sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of minors, which is against the law. With this, the adult listing was then moved to the 'massage' and 'women seeking men' section, where similar information was provided for the readers.

So, these are the untold facts about backpage that many of you don't know. If you are also looking for its alternatives, read this content thoroughly before visiting the website. There are numerous other facts about the backpage, but the above listed were most popular yet unknown.

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