Also referred as mastopexy surgery, breast lift surgery is indeed a kind of ‘mammoplasty’- the medical term for plastic surgery, designating to the surgical procedures carried out in one’s breast area. This surgery is mostly performed to treat sagging breasts and to correct certain issues or defects related to the shape, contour, and size of the breasts. Are you keen to opt for this surgery? Well, prior to going under the knives, it is significant for you to know some interesting facts about this surgical procedure. To find out more regarding breast lift surgery, catch a glimpse of the points mentioned below:

Breast Lifts Are Cosmetic
Breast lifts are cosmetic surgical procedures that are mostly preferred by women with breast ptosis. The females suffering from this condition often feel uneasy about their bust that further lead to depression, lower gratification with life as well as lack of confidence. This aesthetic procedure helps one to have attractive and youthful breasts. Most of the women these days prefer having a breast lift in Melbourne as the city comprises of some reputable clinics and skillful surgeons that carry out commendable surgeries assuring best outcomes to the clients at finest rates. If you’re thinking of having a breast lift, feel free to rely on a reputed clinic or a trusted surgeon in Melbourne.

Reasons That Cause Breast Ptosis
Breast Ptosis is the medical term for sagging and drooping breasts caused due to a number of reasons. Pregnancy or multiple pregnancies are looked upon as the biggest reasons. The other factors that lead to ptosis include smoking, lack of exercise as well as aging. Contrary to the common belief, breast feeding hardly leads to the sagging of breasts. The women with higher body mass are also likely to suffer from this condition at some point or the other in their lives.

Recovery Period Is Of Utmost Importance
It takes almost 6 weeks to recover after a breast lift surgery. However, the duration depends largely on the size of patient’s bust as well as the kind of incision used. The doctor mostly recommends the patients to follow specific guidelines for a smooth recovery. It is of utmost importance to quit smoking.

Specific activities like weight lifting or rigorous exercising should be avoided in this phase. The tissues around the breasts require proper time to heal so that the scars are less visible. Besides breast lift, the other medical procedure that women prefer these days is breast reduction. If you’re keen to opt for this surgery, make sure to rely on a reputable clinic that carries out the procedures of breast reduction in Melbourne for the finest possible outcomes.

When it comes to a reputable plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Melbourne, Ricky Zinn is the first name to come to mind. The expert performs surgeries that gratify the patients to the utmost level. Besides breast lift and breast reduction, the other surgeries that he performs include facelifts, Rhinoplasty, tummy tuck and lot more.

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