Agra is the famous tourist destination of North India and every day there more lakhs of people who visit the location. The primary reason for people to visit Agra is the presence of Tajmahal.

Tajmahal is the symbol of the Love located which is also the seventh wonder of the world. It is well-famous around the world and people come to visit from every corner. People mostly know the outer story of the monument which mostly positive but there is something very interesting which people should know before they visit the destination.

Some of the facts that will blow your mind are the following:

  • The Tajmahal was built by around 22000 workers which took around 20
    years to complete. It was the maximum time that took in the Mughal
  • The wish of the emperor Shahjahan was to build the structure with the
    black marble but it was not possible because his son interrupted the plan.
  •  The walls of the monument show different colors at different times of
    the day like it is pinkish in the morning, milky white in the evening and
    golden in the night under the moonlight.
  • The workers used about 28 types of precious stones to build
    the monument which was transported from Tibet, China, Sri Lanka and some
    parts of India.
  • The materials were transported to the construction site with the help of
    the 1700 elephants.
  • It is the largest mausoleum of the city where people offer prayers. On
    Friday, the monument is closed for the general public but it is open for
    the people who wish to offer prayer.
  • The entire monument is built above the graveyard of the Mumtaz Mahal
    in whose memory the entire building is made. Shahjahan was also buried
    beside the same graveyard. The room is never open for the general public
    to see the same.
  • The monument is so huge and built up of white marbles which can give a
    fair idea of the cost. The total expense of Shahjahan to build the
    monument was 100 US dollar.
  • The dome at the peak of the monument is known as the onion dome
    which is 35 meters high and surrounded by four other domes.
  • We lost some beauty of the monument because of many precious stones
    were ripped from the walls by the Britishers during the Indian rebellion in
    the year 1857.
  • The Tajmahal is taller than Qutub Minar which people prefer to be the
    tallest monument in the country. The difference is of five feet.
  • The walls of the monument have numerous calligraphic inscriptions
    along with Islamic verses. It has 99 different names of the Allah
  • The other out of shock fact is that other wives and favorite servants of
    Emperor Shahjahan is buried in the mausoleums but not inside the
    Tajmahal. The complex is the same.

Tajmahal is a beautiful destination and to date, it has increased the tourist
attractions to the next level. It has got a high place from the UNESCO which
has made it more popular. The facts might say many things but what remains in
the mind of the people is the love story of Emperor Shahjahan and Mumtaz

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