If you are fond of eating bread, you should try different types available on the market. You will love having this food item for breakfast or teatime; you can toast it, spread with butter or jam and eat it with ham and cheese. If you decide to have the bread plain, you will find it ideal as accompaniment to your salad or soup entrée. The rich taste of the bread will definitely appeal to your discriminating taste buds.

Sprouted grain bread is one of those types of bread that is worth a try. This flourless bread does not use ground kernels, which is high in carbohydrates content. The main components of sprouted grain are legumes, oat, soy, lentils, millet and barley. These grains are rich in protein, which make the bread perfect for strict vegans who could be lacking in this nutrient. Moreover, the sprouting process releases trace minerals that are in the whole grains. You should definitely consider making this bread loaded with nutrients such as niacin, iron, calcium and fiber.

White bread is the most common type of bread you might see in stores. However, it is not the healthy choice when it comes to this food item. In fact, the milling process of the grain so that it will turn into white flour has several effects. This removes the germ and the bran, which contains essential minerals and vitamins. In addition, this makes the bread low in protein but high in carbohydrates. White bread merely contains the endosperm of the wheat kernels; these contain only a few vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates.

However, sprouting the grain may take several hours. In fact, the process can be quite intricate. First, you have to soak the berries for 12 hours. Afterwards, you need to rinse and drain the berries about thrice a day; this process usually goes on for several more hours or until you have observed the grains sprouted at least 1 /4 inch tails. Sprouting requires the use of a food processor, which will turn the berries into bread dough. It is important to note that once sprouted, you should not rinse the berries anymore before putting them inside the processor.

You can make sprouted grain bread using a crock pot or an oven, depending on your preference. The good thing about the former is the low-cook setting it has. This feature gives the bread a richer taste and retains its nutritive value. The cooking process takes around 8 hours or more, depending on the amount of dough you are cooking. Once the bread turns brown and crusty on the outside, you can already remove it from the pot.

Since the bread does not contain preservatives, it is important to keep it refrigerated to retain its freshness. Putting the bread in the freezer or in the refrigerator allows it to stay ideal to eat even after seven days.

These are only some of the useful information that you might need about sprouted grain bread. Try making this healthy and delicious bread for the whole family.

Crock Pot Sprouted Grain Bread Recipe

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