Motorino scooters are very popular these days. However, it does not have as long history as the electric scooters or gas mopeds. It is hardly a decade old history.

When it All Started?

History of popularity of motorino scooters started back in the year 2000 and within a period of a decade it has come of age quite fast. Most of the leading companies are manufacturing them. Some of the facts that would be interesting for anyone are –
Motorino scooters were founded by Greenwit Technologies while they were working for the aid project in China with Canadian government.
Subsequently; looking at the popularity of the electric scooters in the market the designers started designing various types of motorino scooters with desirable qualities.

What is Motorino?

Motorino is nothing but a brand of electric bicycle type scooters and mopeds. The name of the motorino was derived from the Italian word motorino, one of the most widely used in the country that is a gasoline scooter.

Legal Aspects of Motorino Scooters

Understanding the legal aspects of riding motorino scooters could be useful.
Both in United States as well as in Canada the respective Motor Vehicle Acts permit riding two or three wheeler vehicles that does not run faster than 15 miles an hour without a driver’s license.
However, the motor power should be maximum 500 watts in Canada and 750 watts in United States and in addition the vehicle should also be saddled with pedals like the ordinary non-motorized bicycles.
Minimum age limit for driving such vehicles in most part of Canada and United States are 16 years or more.
Good quality motorino scooters also carry regenerative breaks.

Change in Manufacturing Dominance

For some years in the beginning the manufacturing of motorino scooters were dominated by China but gradually with the advent of Greenwit company, very high quality indigenous motorino scooters were built in Canada also. Subsequently manufacturers in United States took over manufacturing this type of vehicles for wide customer market.

Thus the dominance in manufacturing of motorino scooter today has become multi-party affair with China, Canada, United States, and Italy dominating the market in their respective global spheres.

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