Timekeeping is an art that many have preserved for ages! This is where the clocks come into action. For many years, craftsmen have been creating beautiful clocks and watches. The cuckoo clock is one such perfect example where beauty meets functionality. However, the buck does not stop there. You have wrist watches, wall clocks, table clocks, floor clocks and many more.

Feeling intrigued? You can find other kinds of clocks (as well) like mantle clocks, novelty clocks and cuckoo clocks for sale from CuckooClock Nest and similar stores. All you need to do is find a good store for all your special clock needs. Yes, it may sound interesting; but something as functional as a clock also plays a huge role in interior décor. Today we talk of one classic example of clock – the Grandfather Clock.

Interesting Tips & Facts Regarding the Grandfather Clock.

The grandfather clock is considered to be one of the most magnificent clocks in existence. It looks stately, and can have immense effect on the overall look of your interior, adding a sense of grandeur without much ado. Just imagine a 6-ft-tall clock that is encased in wood – and you can surely visualise elegance and sophistication. The clock has so many tales around it. So, we are here to present for you some interesting facts about the stately grandfather clock.

1. The Beginning

The actual name “grandfather clock” came after many years of its humble beginnings. In 1582, Galileo Galilei discovered the laws of pendulum. Using this, Christiaan Huygens, a Dutch scientist, created the first pendulum clock. Finally a longer pendulum was invented, which led to the first floor clock’s creation.

2. The Name

Two brothers by the name of Jenkins managed George Hotel in North Yorkshire, England. A floor clock stood test to time in the lobby for many years. Surprisingly, it kept accurate time for all those years. But when one brother of the duo died, the accuracy dwindled a little bit (like a few minutes), but it turned to an hour a day. Numerous attempts to repair it failed, and when the second brother died, at the age of 90, the clock stopped altogether. The new manager did not replace it or repair it. It stood in the lobby. An American songwriter by the name Henry Work stopped at the hotel in 1875. He heard the story, and wrote a song on it entitled "My Grandfather's Clock". Hence, the name “Grandfather Clock” came into existence.

3. Initial Ownership

In the early years, the grandfather clock was only owned by nobility! The clock was considered as a sign of wealth, opulence and importance. It was around the nineteenth century that the grandfather clock became available to all! Nowadays, these clocks can be found as an heirloom that has been passed down many generations. Some stores also have beautiful grandfather clocks for sale.

4. Working of the Grandfather Clock

The length of the pendulum dictates the time it takes for the pendulum to swing back and forth. This movement causes the weights to drop at specific places, causing the hands to move. The combination of both is the reason behind the precision of grandfather clocks.

5. Make sure you have an Authentic Piece

A grandfather clock can be considered antique and authentic if it is over 100 years. Original glass along with a decorative cut makes the clock more expensive. You should also look for the original label or signature of the maker. This is another sign of authenticity! There are many fakes making the rounds in the clock market. Look for a reputed store to purchase your grandfather clock.

Now, you know what to look for! But more than that, you have some idea about the historic grandfather clock. Knowing the story would make you appreciate your possession more – may be help you see it in a new light altogether. These interesting facts (and records!) give a mighty sombre pedestal to grandfather clocks. So, when you purchase a grandfather clock, you end up owning a chunk of history.

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