Asia is known as the land of culture, traditions, and sustainable civilization throughout the world. However, few things about are not known to the world, at least commonly, that are worth knowing. Let’s discuss what the hidden or Interesting Facts About Asia are.

Physical Massiveness

Asia Continent
Covering around one-third of the earth’s land, Asia is physically the largest continent on the globe.

The landmass of this continent is bigger that the total area of the moon. It is also the most densely populated area.


The total population is North America, South America, and Central America is less than population of India alone. Quite surprising, isn’t it?

It is also calculated that over 61% of total population of our world resides in Asia. However, more than half of total Asia’s population is in China and India, with 1.3 and 1.1 billion respectively.

Birth of Human Civilization

There isn’t any evidence, but it’s been said that birth of human civilization took place somewhere amid Euphrates and Tigris in Asia.

Religious Diversification

Due to inclusion of numerous countries, Asia is a land where you will find most number of religions on earth. Major religions in Asia are Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and Taoism.

Though Middle East is known as land of Islam, more number of Muslims resides in South Asia. However, Muslims are less than 15% of world’s population.

Bangladesh, a diminutive country in Asia, is one of the most densely populated countries on earth, with around 86% Muslims and 14% Hindus.

You will find that Asians are more religious than any other type of population on earth. According to a law in Maldives, a country with over 99% Muslim population, it’s not legal for tourists to get more than one bible along with them. This is mainly because the government fears that tourists may distribute to the local people.

These Interesting Facts About Asia are quite surprising as well.

Physical Leader

Being the most massive continent, Asia embraces 10 of the tallest mountains of the world.

So, it essentially has the highest point of earth.

However, it has the lowest point as well. Dead Sea in Asia is around -395 meters. Most of the greatest rivers on earth have their sources in the mountains located in Asia.

Financial Stability

The countries of this continent are quite affected by global crises, however, not as much as the western countries.

China, Japan, and India are quite strong economies of the world, and one among them will very soon grab the top position.

Hence, it’s quite appropriate to say that the definition of Asia is much broader than people’s perception. These Interesting Facts About Asia reveal much more than we knew, isn’t it? Yet, there is more.

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