Adding Value Through a Proper Interior Design

Walking into a new, empty home can seem a bit overwhelming for most of us, but for interior designers, the space is there for making improvements to suit the client's lifestyle. This also holds true for an existing house. To create a scene that boasts the unique styles and tastes of the homeowner, hiring an interior designer for the project can be one of the most beneficial and valuable investments you make in your home. If you don't have a budget, they can help you create one. An interior designer can mix what you have and add new things to the whole and you can have a "new" design without replacing everything.

There are several ways for a client to get ready for the interior designer.

1. Look through magazines for rooms, items that you like and note them or tear the page out and put in a folder. What will happen is you will see a trend in your "likes" and "dislikes" in the photos you tear out. Make notes with post-it-notes of what you like and don't like on each one and you will see this trend emerge.

2. Think of colors you like and don't like. Make a list. If you like the trendy color (color in fashion at the moment, fine, but remember it will look dated when the next trendy color is known.

Think about colors you like being around and feel good about. What might those be? Colors you like to wear is one good example of a place to start. If you like wild and crazy colors, try to think of a calmer color for the big picture and the wild and crazy ones for the accent ones, such as in pillows and accessories.

The experienced designer can help their clients express themselves through home design. We have found that no space should be neglected when it comes to proper design. The experienced designer can help homeowners avoid costly mistakes and still create a design that is unique to them.

To do this properly. the designer must approach each project with an open mind, listening to the client’s wishes, and then molding them into a fabulous space that boasts the client’s distinctive tastes. Each designer has their own techniques for achieving this.

There are many interior designers to choose from, and that can be confusing as well. Who to hire? There are professional organizations that most interior designers are affiliated with, The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) being the oldest and largest in the US.

There are websites that you can review to see who is best suited to your tastes and personality. A face to face meeting either in their office or in your home is invaluable as well to see how your personalities would work together.

The proof that you have selected the right interior designer is how well you get along during the process, and, of course, the end results! As I stated at the beginning: the completed space should reflect you, your family's lifestyle and comfort level.

Linda Pittam, ASID

Author's Bio: 

Creating kitchens and baths is exciting for me, then, making them functional and beautiful is the "icing on the cake". Enhancing the lifestyles of my clients is very satisfying. My work is as varied as the clients I design for.

My extensive interior design experience can continue throughout your home, including coordination of colors, artwork, textiles and finishes; selection, coordination and placement of furniture. We have recently added designing wine rooms and outdoor kitchens to what we offer. With over 35 years experience in interior design, we would love to meet with you and discuss how to make your project what you envision it to be. After all, I am the orchestra leader bringing all the parts together to make it your space with my expertise and experience!
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