Over the years Interior Design has slowly become more than a just an occupation for those who consider themselves artisans, and in recent years thanks to the likes of Social Media we have seen this particular art transform into a hobby for most. Thanks to platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, interior design is now one of the top trending areas of interests, sitting amongst other trending categories like fitness, beauty, fashion and travelling.

As a correlating pattern, each of these categories react and change like the tide when it comes to trends. One year it will be all be about a certain style or a way of living, and then by the next year that trend would have evolved. However unless you have a money tree growing in your back garden, it can be incredibly expensive to keep up with current trends, especially when we are talking about interiors.

So what is the best/cheapest way to stay up to date with interior design trends?

Well the answer is pretty straight forward when you think about it, in fact this rule can be applied to all areas of trending interests - find and invest in items that are timeless. For example when it comes to fashion no matter how many years go by, you can guarantee that florals will always be trending in the summer. Okay so there may be certain details that change within that trend, like one year it could all be about tapestry florals and the next year ditsy florals, but the main principal will still repeat itself every summer!

Interior design is no different in a sense that you need to think of things that will be practical every year, all year round. The ‘Minimalist’ trend is something that’s particularly trending when it comes to interiors, because it can be adaptable all through the season, when it’s changed up with accessories. For example imagine an all-white painted lounge with polished chrome ironmongery details on the fixtures and fittings, neutral leather furniture, and neutral to white cabinets and tables. To adapt this look to make it decadent for the winter season you can add large fur throws, chunkier cushions with autumnal colors, even the smallest knick knacks make a big difference. Then as we come out of the winter season, you can keep the room decor as it is, but replace the large fur throws with light cotton blankets, swap the heavy duty pillows with light cotton versions in neutral colors, and maybe add plants and greenery to refresh the look.

By keeping one key look to suit all occasions, the only thing you will spend money on, is adding in the additional decorative pieces which might be particularly trending. So it is worth investing in quality furniture and statement pieces that will go with any look, that way you can guarantee that your home will be bang on trend each season. In terms of fixtures and fittings the more simplistic the better. If you’re not into polished chrome another minimalist option is satin chrome ironmongery, which you can get from anywhere in the country when you order online. However from personal experience I would highly recommend a popular ironmongers in London called A & H Brass, who have a vast collection of metal work, fixtures and fittings in different finishes.

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If you already have the minimalist look in place then use some of the social platforms mentioned above to give you an idea of what it currently on trend, such as rose gold and brass accents as a little hint. Now you know what to look out for and how to adapt your home, hopefully this blog will save you financially in the long run. Happy shopping!