Though 2020 has been a difficult year for businesses due to the pandemic, the trends in interior design have somewhat remained consistent. Newer trends of interior design can be seen in many parts of England and when it comes to Berkhamsted and Buckinghamshire, we can see the same.

The pandemic might not be ending soon but business operations in home renovations, landscaping, etc. are restarting. The trends in this year were consistent but in the coming year expect to see an upsurge of innovative ideas being developed and applied.

In the following lines, we will discuss some of the trends that might be arriving on the next year and if you are based in Buckinghamshire or Berkhamsted, you can hope to see these as well.

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  • DIY Styles

Due to the pandemic, this year goes to the DIYers. Since finding an interior designer in Buckinghamshire to give a facelift to the homes was an impossible task, people are experimenting with styles of their own. Though, you can quite easily understand that applying a new style to the walls requires some knowledge of designing. Nevertheless, people are still trying out various designs. And in 2021, we can expect that home decorators will be experimenting with the textures and paints to create designs that are being used by the DIYers.

  • The Traditional Styles

The traditional designs of the interiors are set to return in 2021. Some of these include the good old wooden texture, floral patterns, wallpapers, and furniture to decorate space. These traditional styles were always a favourite but due to the new age styles, they kind of went obsolete. However, people are again going for these styles and in the next year, there is a high chance that people will go conventional when it comes to designing their interiors.

  • Natural Styles

The natural styles that illustrate nature are preparing for a comeback in 2021.These include the natural stone, marble look, linen shades, etc. on the walls. Also, people would like to experiment with nature since people have been spending most of their days in home isolation as a protective measure against corona virus.

An interior design in Berkhamsted that gives a feeling of nature will leave the homeowners contented as they are unable to visit places at the moment. 

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  • Playing with Shades

Everybody loves colours and playing with them in home interiors will become more prevalent in the coming year. At present, people are already applying bright and bold colours on the walls. These colours are warm and give positive vibes.

People want to feel optimistic about their lives especially in a difficult time like the pandemic.So, this play of shades can be seen more than ever before in 2021.

  • Using Extra Items for Decoration

Items like lampshades, small statues that were used as decorative items are returning in 2021. The advantage of using these items is that they can be homemade too. Moreover, homemade items give a simple and natural feel. So, expect this style in the next year for sure.

If you wish to get more design ideas you can consult an interior designer in Buckinghamshire. If you are planning to go for a renovation in 2021, you can ask for the specific style that will match your interior along with the cost of the renovation.


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