To win in business today every department needs to understand how they support other departments. When each department is only concerned about their piece of the success, failure will appear somewhere in overall customer satisfaction. Business mistakes internally can cost you dearly externally. Your actions affect others actions internally as well as externally.
Business suffers when customer satisfaction is not taking place internally. What I find when working with companies is that most departments do not understand the concept of an internal customer. Yes, each department affects someone in another department that ends up having an effect on external customers. Who are your internal customers? I always tell business’s that if you cannot please your internal customer, then in some way, it eventually will affect the external customer.
In every business there is a process that involves several departments in providing the finished product, or service offering to a customer. If those processes are not in alignment, the end product or service is not the best that it can be. I have found that in many businesses each department is so focused on their end results that they forget about how what they do, effects other departments too.
When a customer leaves you do you know exactly why? Is it possible that there was a breakdown in your process or the service that you provide due to one small piece of your organization? One breakdown internally can have a tremendous affect externally. Something promised when sold is not delivered properly when provided because of a breakdown in your process. Can it be because one department does not understand how what they do in their process affects others in their process? When your internal functions are out of alignment there will be external consequences. Until each department in your company is in alignment with each other you cannot operate at your best. Performance will always suffer somewhere.
When I am consulting with clients who have these problems, one of the things that I teach them is how to get their internal departments in alignment so that the external customer does not surfer. It is a process of understanding and knowledge that is learned through examples. Participants come away with a clear understanding of their role in customer satisfaction.

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Tim Tupper has 25 years of consulting and training experience. He has worked with over 150 major clients in various industries. He is a published author, as well as authoring all his own training materials tailored to the specific client and their needs for his company Business Increase Solutions, Inc., fondly called BIS.
His expertise is fact-based decision making at all levels. He has concentrated on educating employees at all levels, the advantages of decision making using facts instead of opinions (gut-feel).
His leadership classes focus on the process of clearly identifying tangible and intangible assets, and how to enhance the return on both. All of his teachings focus on the process of returning measureable results that last. Some of Tupper’s clients have been with him for 15 years or more. When clients work with Tupper they get enhancements that will be there for years to come. Ideas become reality and improvements are made with amazing results that are effective. Clients enjoy the training because Tupper’s training materials are fun and interactive.
If you want results that are measurable and sustainable, then Tupper & his company, BIS, are your answers.