When we are injured or wounded it can feel as if that area has been put on fire. This happens because when we get cuts, the area gets itchy and inflamed; however, after a while it calms down and starts to heal. But in some instances this does not happen. The healing process remains incomplete because of the continued inflammation and as a consequence disease can arise. However, there are some cases where the person is unaware that they have been hurt or wounded anywhere. This is caused by internal inflammation. The person does not feel any itchiness or tenderness. This condition is thought to be extremely dangerous as unseen parts of the body remain unhealed which can cause a lot of serious disorders.

• Diseases that occur due to internal inflammation

It has been written in the New York Times that many scientists realize that this condition has greater risks as a person grows older and in extreme circumstances can cause fatalities. These diseases are diverse and have varying severity and are listed below:

• atherosclerosis,
• diabetes,
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Osteoporosis.
• asthma,
• cirrhosis of the liver,
• bowel disorders,
• psoriasis,
• meningitis
• cancer

• Causes of Internal inflammation

This inflammation is usually associated with food allergies that have not been diagnosed appropriately, obesity, a profusion of yeast and bacteria, infections that have not been treated properly and high cortisol levels, mostly caused by chronic stress.

The symptoms are easy to detect but a lot of people do not pay them due attention and consequently the inflammation worsens. On identification of such symptoms it is much easier to isolate where and what exactly the disease is.

• Protection against Internal Inflammation:

According to doctors, it is highly beneficial that C-reactive protein tests, one of the inflammatory markers, should be undertaken each year. Moreover, exercise and a balanced diet, rich in fatty acids should be consumed.The best source of the unsaturated Omega 3 fatty acids is considered to be fish oil supplements. As fish oil has a high percentage of DHA, which helps in countering internal inflammation, it is advised to use these supplements on a daily basis. However, care should be taken when buying this product. Fish oil extracted from clean water fish such as salmon, tuna and Hoki fish are said to be the reliable sources of fish oil as they are pure of preservatives and additives.

You should make sure that you purchase a quality Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil as a safeguard against this serious condition.

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