What is the difference between an internal recruiter and an external recruiter?

An internal recruiter works directly for the company they are recruiting for. An internal recruiter for Frito-Lay, for example, works to fill a variety of positions within the Frito-Lay organization, and receives a paycheck from Frito-Lay.

An external recruiter works independently, finding candidates for various companies. Those companies are the clients of the recruiter, and the external recruiter gets paid by a company when one of its open positions is successfully filled by a candidate the recruiter has provided. Some recruiters specialize in a particular niche market, such as medical sales jobs.

You should leave no stone unturned in your quest for a job, and recruiters can be an especially valuable resource. You should have a few external recruiters in your network, and keep them informed of major changes in your job situation—you’ve changed jobs, you’ve moved, you’ve gained a particular certification or degree. (Just remember, they’re not in the business to find you a job. They’re in the business of filling a position for a client company.)

It’s a recruiter’s business to know where the jobs are, and many jobs they fill are never advertised…so if they submit you for a job, your odds of success go up. Although they can’t help you if you’ve already applied for a position, if they feel you are a good fit for a position or company and submit you for consideration, they then have a vested interest in your success—and you’ve gained an informed, experienced advocate in the hiring process.

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