The universal number for 2013 is six or 2+0+1+3=6. Six is the number of relationships, responsibility, emotional security, service and concern for the welfare of others. In larger affairs of the world six relates to emotional security, welfare programs, health and health administration, charity, education, relations among nations, relations between planet earth and the universe around us, relations between humanity and earth, and humanities responsibility to the planet and to itself.

To gain a more comprehensive perspective of the 2000 millennium and the after effects of 2012, the reader is encouraged to review my predictions for 2012 at my website www. With all of the hoopla surrounding 2012 it would appear that anything after that would be anti climactic. As I wrote the 2012 predictions I INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL PREDICTIONS 2013
felt it would not be as dramatic as many of the end of world and planetary collision scenarios that were assaulting the air waves and publications around the globe would have us to believe. In fact, as I recall I stated something to the effect that the numbers did not suggest an end of time, and that the planet would probably go on after 2012.

As I intuitively ponder 2013, both then and now, I must truthfully say that I feel now as I did in 2012 that there is a greater likelihood of chaos and upheaval this year than in 2012. Maybe it will be like a planetary scenario similar to a person taking a deep breath after a close call with a calamity or an accident, and then you suddenly get hit syndrome. Six is the number of codependency and emotional responsibility. One of the biggest substitutes for emotion is money. This is especially true in America. If someone is injured pay them off. Hurt someone’s feelings, buy them something.

I was curious years ago while working with the numbers of some of the founders of the largest retail companies in the world. I would have expected all kinds of 8’s and maybe a lot of 1’s in these names. What turned up were many 6’s and often (33) 6’s. I realized how these men compensated for repressed feelings and emotions by producing masses of commodities and products in an attempt to make people happy (and reap huge profits). Giving material gifts often becomes a norm as a means of trying to create material happiness to help cover up emotional unhappiness and insecurity.

Expect huge financial (and emotional) fluctuations around the globe with the trend toward devaluation, crisis and collapse. Global money masters now put the squeeze on the common people to further extract as much wealth as possible. Heartless banklords pull off ruses that make past scams appear amateurish. The American stock market and money markets take the biggest hit in years, possibly in history. Valueless paper money by fiat is seen by more of the masses for what it is.

New money exchanges based upon real value emerge and the world gradually moves toward a system of exchange that has fair value for all parties concerned. The gold backed initiative of China, Russia, India and Iran will take roots as other nations join in a balanced exchange currency program that includes bartering. Bartering by countries, corporations and little people returns all over the globe. The petro-dollar will see a huge struggle to stay afloat, and its long time strangle hold on the global market comes closer to the end. Along with that, the US dollar will suffer and plunge along with the decline of petro-control. Six is a highly emotional number. Liquids are symbolic of emotions. Oil is a black liquid hidden in the underground (unconscious) of the earth. The long time manipulation of the black (dark side) of human emotions becomes recognized by greater numbers of the global population. In a desperate attempt to hold onto control, global monopolists may send US and UK troops into Iran. Some would say that such a move would be the start of world war three.

Six is the number of responsibility and security. People all over the world will realize that governments cannot provide true security. Strikes abound world wide as the masses realize governments are not capable of dealing with the challenges at hand. Unions, collectivism and socialism are issues that rise to the surface. True security comes from connection to the inner self. The planet struggles in darkness. The good people are by and large passive and indifferent. Fear and disinformation rule. This illusion and myth of control could be shattered and directed toward an awakened and informed population much more rapidly than the ignorant would believe.

The entire key to interpreting this year depends upon the individual and collective willingness of each human and humanity to take responsibility for self and collective responsibility to what is going on around them. A grass roots league of all nations (LOAN) evolves among common people from all over the world. The human element of peace, harmony and cooperation overcomes all barriers of nationality and race and class as this movement strives to reclaim the good and loving qualities of all humanity.

A dysfunctional institution will be revealed as more dysfunctional under pressure. Expect more contrived and orchestrated building explosions, weather and geological manipulation, mass murders, wars and threats of wars in an attempt to keep the masses cradled in fear and compliance. History has shown that when emotional instability hits a peak one of the most frequent outcomes is war. World War 1 and the Korean War started in a 6 universal year. The United States entered World War 2 in a 6 year. Could this be the year of world war three?

Six is the number of health and healing. The good and the bad of the industry are brought further into public scrutiny this year as continued amazing breakthroughs in medical technology and sciences are introduced. Drug and pharmaceutical abuse and misuse reach scandalous proportion as lawsuits pile up. The public is further enraged by the amount of toxic products that have flooded the market and disrupted so many lives.

Fukshima radiation is becoming detected throughout the world. The high radiation levels accumulating in elevated amounts along the west coast of the United States cannot be ignored by the main stream media and government agencies any longer. Independent researchers and citizens with Geiger counters provide accumulated data that will tell a more accurate picture. Attempts to prevent sale of such apparatus only raises the suspicion of a public that is growing wary.

Amazing applications of alternative healing now emerge as the traditional medical system breaks down and can no longer handle the strain of demand in times of crisis. Gifted practitioners display work with subtle and hidden energies while performing wonders. Many people seem to work with angels or are like angels in the beauty of their gifts of healing. Unfortunately the quacks are out in full force as well, so discretion is necessary to the seeker of relief. Reforms and innovation in farming methods lead to an entirely new food industry and agricultural system of food production. Substantially less space will be needed to grow substantially more crops. The nutrient sources and know-how in some instances will be out of this world.

Metaphysical principles of healing now become a grater reality as the link between mind and matter become is better understood. Or another way of saying the same thing, the barriers and difference between perception of mind and matter narrow. The recognition new plasma fields and application of plasmic reunification procedures, lead to understanding of transformation and ascension. Meanwhile awakening to the application of inter structural photonic readjustment allows advanced healers to rapidly renew the old and ailing body into a renewed archetypal structure (bodies on all levels).

On a mundane level, external shifts in influence reflect long held control by the hidden and indirect power enclaves. The control of the Vatican and Rome is tenuous and trembling. There could be rounds of proclamations and Papal Bull that pour forth in an attempt to hold onto slipping control. Age old enemies may now strike back. The moneyed and mega lords become increasingly desperate to hold onto their funds and foothold on their puppet governments and institutions of the world.

China continues its aggressive push upon the globe. This is especially so in the economic sector, as was previously stated. Russia, too, stands up to outsiders and expands its influence by putting its power behind certain small states of government. This is particularly true in the Middle East. Turkey, and the position it takes, will be a huge influence in affairs of the region. The Scandinavian nations also assert energy of reform and regeneration into the European consciousness. India faces debacle or regeneration. Peru and Chile play a larger role in South American politics than their size indicates. Greece starts an economic resurgence under a new policy, and with new partners.

When people are restless the planet is restless and vice versa. Earth instability is world wide, with higher than usual stress and upheaval around the globe. Some weak points suggested include the same Japan region as the 2011 tsunami. Mt Fuji smokes some more. The northern Mediterranean coastline is going to rattle mightily. The US west coast experiences increased shaking. Weather extremes remain the norm.

In the United States issues of authority and power reach a tragic level of misuse and abuse. The principles of the long ignored constitution and bill of rights are further reviled. A coming change of leadership offers a wholly compromised and apparently criminal candidate as the choice of the populace. Confusion, anger and many questions arise in post election years. An economic downturn further stirs the pot of restlessness among the masses. The troubled dollar declines internationally at an alarming rate. The domestic repercussions will soon follow.

A troubling event with the USS New York, which carries steel from the deceitful event of 9/11, brings back memories of that black day of treachery. Continued leaks by whistle blowers and other disenchanted participants further reveal the depth of corruption and compromise of our elected officials in the federal capital. The sell out of our nation reaches into almost every form of institution. American people grapple with the collapse downward toward a third world status. A huge question remains, if Americans are willing to reclaim individual rights and personal empowerment outlined by the documents of the founding fathers?

Alternative forms of currency and bartering return with increasing popularity as the Federal Reserve notes become a global object of derision in currency exchange. There comes a national existential angst regarding just what does have value in an age of materialistic exhaustion. A clue to the recognition of this material excess is the massive increase in yard/garage sales nationwide, and the diminishing number of buyers who are interested. People are getting rid of the weight of materialism. Many of them are sensing the transition into a light body. That may be eons to come, but the archetypal aspiration to be free is now awakening within the collective human consciousness. Some call it the ascension process.

The country sees a revival of religious, spiritual and metaphysical searching as the emptiness of material acquisition becomes evident to more of the masses. Deep within the soul memory is the longing to realign with cosmic principles of abundance, harmony and exchange. The worship of false idols and false prophets gives way to seeking the law of ONE and unification of all life.

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Lynn Buess MA, EdS has over fifty years experience as a student, author and teacher of numerology. His combination of academic work with esoteric subjects, therapeutic background and mystical experiences gives him an intuitive insight into numbers that has been at the forefront of his field for years. In his later years he seeks to pass on the deeper meanings of numerology to the earnest seekers of spiritual and personal growth.
In his teaching he reveals how his study of the cosmology of numerology initiated a soul journey that took him through one grand cycle of cosmic evolution. To him numbers are not a static set of symbols; rather they are like cosmic chords of sound, light and motion that make up the rhythms of the cosmic dance. Would you like to dance?