I was doing an internet radio talk show recently and got a cosmic glimpse concerning the cycle of events in which we live. I realized that 2012 was a year of awakening, 2013 one of cleansing, and that 2014 will be a year of grace, particularly for those who did their cleansing home work. It is not up to the individual to determine who receives grace. However, to process blessings that come can be more difficult for those who have not gone through the personal growth process of clearing out the old debris of consciousness. Many will receive earned rewards even without having done the cleansing, but it may be more difficult to put given blessings into manifestation because of the complications of unresolved personality issues that get in the way.

This revelation fits with the numerology of 2014 which is a 7 universal year ( 2+0+1+4=7). Seven is a tricky number to interpret and work with in both the personal chart and when dealing with more global and universal issues. From the perspective of the feminine aspect it is the number of spirituality and the higher mind of intuition and universal archetypes. From the masculine perspective it is the number of the rational mind and linear, logical thinking. Because our planet’s social structure has been predominantly male biased for centuries, the rigidity and dogmatic nature of the seven influence is persuasively rooted in the collective unconscious of the societies of mankind no matter what gender the individual may be. Thus, the year ahead portends to be one of dichotomy, duality and probable dissonance. That is from the social level of perception. From a higher level it is a time of unlimited eternal vision, realignment with universal cycles and laws, and stirrings of spiritual awakening unlike any previous ages of awareness.

On one side comes beyond imagination breakthroughs in the understanding of our relationship to the greater universe and the multitudes of life therein. So many residents of the planet now realize our heritage from beyond the stars, that it becomes less and less a moot point that governments and power brokers of the planet keep trying to deny and hide the facts regarding our extraterrestrial origin and true nature. Now that nearly eight nations have been more open about releasing data regarding contact and collaboration with other space races, it makes the United States agencies look increasingly awkward, at best, to put so much effort into hiding the real story.

The intensity and frequency of events from outer space will ultimately lead to a massive paradigm shift in social, religious, economic and the issues of exopolitics. The misuse and abuse of our own energy sources become more evident as revelation and education of alternative sources of free energy, anti gravity and additional ultra technologies enter into mainstream thinking. Radiation from the destruction of the four Fukushima nuclear generators continues to build up over the entire northern hemisphere and now enters the waters and air of the southern hemisphere with growing levels of intensity. Historians might very well look back at 2011 as the year that started the mutant race. The collective displeasure with our destructive technologies leads towards united efforts across the planet for the release and development of these non invasive forms of energy and development.

The down side of the seven influence is that of clinging to dogma, control and denial of the grand universal plan of humanity. Those who have power and control do not like to give it up. Since most of the civilized nations of the planet are now under psyops manipulation, the masses are becoming more numb to resistance and willing to yield to preprogrammed behavior modification schemes. In earlier historical periods of similar numerical cycles communism became rooted in Russia, Nazism was rooted in Germany, fascism in Italy, socialism in the US and other dictatorial leaders took power around the globe. True patriots are concerned as the US moves perilously close to marital law and the last major step into a police state as 2014 unfolds.

Religious and spiritual yearnings of humanity are purposely distorted and redirected by power brokers in an attempt to thwart the mass awakening toward return to the laws of universal principles. Religious persecution and pressure become more evident in China toward ancient beliefs, Russia towards Orthodoxy and the United States toward Christianity among pressure around the world toward sincere believers of faith. The Catholic Church is prepared to change its story to recognize extraterrestrial life and contact. A new grass roots metaphysical paradigm emerges among sincere souls all over the world which opens the eyes of the masses. The lies and misdirection of controlled religions becomes further revealed and gives way to a Gnostic type of individual restoration of connection to Higher Truth. So many are now mystically blessed that it is increasingly difficult to sell outworn canons of the past.

Since disturbances in human consciousness reflect in disturbances in weather, expect continued bizarre and unusual patterns all over the globe. The combination of impact from celestial bodies traversing our solar system at this time along with human engineering of weather and geological cycles makes for an erratic and out of control sequence of events. Snow storms will occur during summer months in Europe, the eastern United States and China. Quakes pick up in California and the western states, Okinawa and more than ever in the southern hemisphere. Mount Rainier starts to rumble once more and volcanic activity around the globe reaches and unprecedented pinnacle. The substantial increase of objects falling from the sky raises multitudes of questions and concerns as to what is happening in space and the universe around us.

The entire global financial system comes under closer scrutiny than ever. A handful of financial monopolists who have exploited the planet for years through creation and control of the central banks, suddenly find them selves challenged and charged for crimes beyond imagination. In an effort to maintain their empire many additional manufactured crises are produced to try and scare the population into staying within a broken system of control. BRIC and other financial systems emerge with time that will slowly return the planet to an agreed upon system of economics based upon true value of goods and services. After considerable financial chaos and confusion a more healthy form of global exchange will evolve. Expect the movement of gold, the price of gold and the acquisition of gold to continue as a major headline in the news at this time. The return to the use of healthy US treasury notes can be a sign of possible positive shift in a very bad global economic situation.

The greatest issue of civil rights this year will be the role of women and the treatment thereof. The long time global campaign to keep women under control and at the beck and call of a male biased society is strongly challenged. Women around the world become tired of being portrayed primarily as sexual objects to be used according to male needs. The long lost social input of the feminine archetypes of compassion, caring and maternal concern are reawakening within healthy men and women around the world. Women take a more assertive stance toward reversing human sex trafficking, female abusive pornography and the aggressive male media campaign to make them sexual pawns. A galactic input of healing and dynamic cosmic applications of the Divine mother and feminine energy pours into this planet of severely imbalanced male-female polarity.

The political and social fabric of the United States is drastically shaken resulting from years of abuse, misuse and incompetence of leadership. Economic chaos dictates drastic actions. Aggressive police state tactics increase at alarming rate. Rumors of civil war cross the tongues of the knowing and wary. Racial tensions reach new unprecedented levels. The visionary know something better is coming, but remain for the most part passive as the power elite struggle to hold on to the illusion of control. In the illusion they do have control. This is a year for the common folk to come out of the illusion and into a connection with the true eternal nature of Self. The biggest question remains; will the awakening souls stand up and live their truth? Stay tuned.

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Lynn Buess, MA, EdS has been active in the self-awareness movement for over one half of a century. Since the publication of The Tarot and Transformation in 1973 he has become an international speaker, intuitive practitioner, healer, therapist, instructor, and author. He has written over fourteen books on a range of metaphysical and self help topics. Numerology for the New Age, for years a best selling numerology text, was his second graduate thesis paper written on an esoteric subject. It was translated into several foreign languages and launched Lynn into international recognition.
Since 1980 he has practiced around the world. His list of clientele would make an impressive Who’s Who of international personalities. Lynn’s expansive practice among so many cultures has contributed to the depth and perspective of his insights. He has worked with issues of adult children of alcoholism, abuse, codependency and addiction along with transpersonal topics and personal growth.
In one of his previous books Numerology: Nuances in Relationships he sheds numerological light upon the age-old issue of interaction between couples. His combination of academic skills and intuitive wisdom has caused many students and professionals around the globe to consider him the word’s foremost spokesman on the relationship between numbers and human behavior.
With this latest contribution The Heart of Numerology he adds further weight to that stature. In this new edition he integrates ideas that have been blossoming for decades and puts together a more unified conceptualization of applications for anyone who shares an interest in numerology.
Students and professionals in the field of numerology can benefit from the cornucopia of information that is presented within this authoritative text. It is a volume which represents the culmination of professional and personal insights that will have impact for a long time to come. Although the reader is taken through transcendent realms of light and awareness, there is a solid psychological base and down to earth reality that keeps you centered right here in the present moment.