(The Numerology of 2012)

The number for the universal year 2012 is five (2+0+1+2=5). To best understand the meaning of 2012 it is important to go back into numerical history to the millennium of the 1’s; that is, 1000 to 1999. One is the number of ego, individuality, nationalism, and development of self consciousness. The theme for that past millennium is me, myself and I. For nations 1 is the number of self assertion, domination, isolation and becoming the biggest and best. If the global population remains toxic, dysfunctional and ego centered (ethno-centric), the outcome of the last millennium is conflict, war, wasted resources and national antagonism toward others.
If mankind is on its path of evolution and destiny the outcome is attainment of healthy self awareness and readiness to take the next step of the evolutionary journey into the 2000’s. There are many predictions of catastrophe, collapse and dire doomsday deciphers. Perhaps some may happen. There is no real indicator from the numbers of an end times, and probably the world will go on after 2012. It does appear, however, that the planetary pace of social, moral and spiritual evolution quickens as humanity strives to catch up with the sciences and technologies which have been unfolding at warp seed.
Two is the number of duality and reconciliation of duality, cooperation, harmony, integration and attunement to higher levels of consciousness. In terms of global consciousness the trend is toward working with each other for the betterment of the all rather than focusing upon superiority and self aggrandizement. Zero indicates taking consciousness to the next level or dimension. The two plus zero, zero, zero (2000) suggests the aspiration and potentiality of a large percentage of the human race to become attuned to higher levels of consciousness and realignment with our place in the galactic community by the end of this millennium. The year 2012 is a time that will give much definition as to how well humanity progresses toward that goal.
There is a slow awakening among mankind as to our true galactic heritage and extraterrestrial origins. There are the few emerging among the many who are starting to glimpse our greater spiritual and social potential to advance and evolve without the waste of war, toxic competition and egocentric accumulation of excess. There is a longing within all races of mankind to live in harmony and share the unique contribution that each race and creed has to offer to the whole.
Unfortunately, on the dark side there are those who carry over the ego dominated desires of the past and use manipulate the ideals and dreams of the masses with their self interest dysfunctional toxic hidden agendas. Since these moneyed and powerful pawns of the dark control most of the communications media, entertainment, banking, stock markets, governments, syndicates and bureaucracies it is easy for them to dupe and deceive the purposely dumbed down masses.
The year 2012 is a turning point in human consciousness for humanity to make a choice to become enlightened seekers or fall prey to those who seek to determine a dark destiny for the planet. The first 2 and 0 (zero) of the year suggests a paradigm shift in the perception of society and the role of the individual within the collective. Followed by the 1 and the 2, there is indication of a reassessment of the ego and emphasis upon moving from self centered to Higher Self (Divine) centered. There will be a growing appreciation of the individual effort which elevates the entire group consciousness rather than the excessive aggrandizement and worship of the single personality.
That is not to discount individual human achievement; rather there comes a social maturity of appreciation without exaggerated idolatry. The coming years will witness less emphasis upon how much one person or organization can acquire for one’s self. Rather, the time will come when recognition and honors will be given to those whose efforts improve and benefit the quality of life for all. With increased awareness comes less abuse and dysfunction, along with a greater realization of potential of humanity to evolve into a galactic class civilization. That would be a culture of more peaceful and prosperous accomplishments.
Five is the number of humanity and the human being. This is a turning point in time and evolution that determines if we are truly humans who are being, or just existing. The dysfunctional human struggles to get by with life. The healthy human lives fully each day and moment of life. Do we become the divine man or continue to be ego driven immature children of adversity. It is an important time to choose if we will live by universal laws of abundance, justice, respect and attunement to the harmonious rhythms of the cosmic dance.
Five is the number of man and human experience. This year sees the highlights and lowlights of extreme in human behavior on an individual and collective level. Excess, indulgence, morbid and repulsive behavior hits the air waves along with moments of the sublime, exalted and heroic. Amid the chaos, confusion and collective fear there will be an increasing number of souls experiencing direct mystical and spiritual realizations of universal truth. A kind of inspired Gnosticism (direct Knowing) emerges amid the populations of the world. Esoterically five is the number of Divine man. It is a time when humans remember and realign with the inner dance of the eternal atom of the Higher Self.
Five is the number of sex and sensuality and experiencing of the five senses. There is a sharp increase of consumption and production of wine, beer, spirits and drugs (both legal and illegal). Pharmaceutical companies are under severe legal and public assault from having misrepresented the potential benefits of drugs and withheld evidence of the severity of side effects and consequences of numerous profitable abusive substances. Natural medicines flourish despite the attempt of pharmaceutical companies to demonize the natural and maintain control of the market through proprietary synthetics. Matters of sexual abuse, exploitation and extreme indulgences are revealed on a nearly daily basis. A blessed few are transformed and uplifted through purified mystical sexual rituals which elevate the consciousness in preparation for dimensional shift.
Mundane matters of the planet are busy and at times beyond bizarre. Old allegiances break down and new alliances come and go. Chinese assertiveness reaches a pitched fever. Its expansionism seems unstoppable. There is the likelihood of a major internal change of power. At the same time the threat of social and political implosion of the huge population looms large. A coup or possible assassination would not be surprising. Tension with Japan and Taiwan accelerate. Japan may also undergo drastic changes in government and policy.
Turkey remains a key player in the power and politics of the Middle East. Issues in India flair up and Pakistan’s instability make for troublesome times. Coupled with the Iranian uprising, the entire region will constantly capture news headlines and be of concern for the stability of the planet. In Europe Portugal seeks to restore some of the glamour and power of earlier centuries. Italy and Rome are the center of unrest and instability. Fire could engulf a major global city this year. Could Rome burn again? Paris and Moscow are possible candidates. Old tensions flair up between Italy and the Balkans, France and Germany, along with Scotland, Ireland and England as well. The Scandinavian nations are very active in the political arena and may pull away entirely from the European Community in order to maintain their own identity. The Community becomes strained to the limits and possibly doomed.
Religious tensions remain around the globe. Muslim-Christian differences are kindled into flames once more. The Roman Catholic Church and Vatican are the center of much controversy and change. The church issues proclamations with mixed messages. In its sternness lie some recollections of the Inquisitions. A curious leniency toward such issues as pedophilia and sexual abuse raises eyebrows. There is a strong likelihood of a new Pope. Assassination and untimely death could be mentioned.
Weather and natural disasters do not let up this year. Possible earthquake zones and Tsunami regions are the Mediterranean and the same Sendai area of Japan where earlier disaster has struck. Earthquakes strike often and in the most diverse of places. Substantial clues to our geological and meteorological future will come from Antarctica research and explorations. The threat of plague and epidemics runs high for the coming year.
In the United States the emphasis is upon health, responsibility, social programs, education and fiscal accountability. The great national paradox is how such a wealthy and theoretically educated people experience such poor health, obesity and litany of toxic syndromes. The government and social system are clearly increasingly dysfunctional and out of control. The lack of noble and inspired leadership is evident and the plethora of compromised and questionable candidates overwhelms. The current administration will be seen by its distracters as largely careless, clueless and classless. So many find it flawed and failed that a political pundit could be called to ask: if our incumbent runs, will the elections of 2012 bring us a toad or a Newt?
Amid American chaos comes a cadre of souls reaching toward a transpersonal and spiritual resurgence that encourages the implementation of simple universal principles of living that have been lost in our superficial and materialistic world. The curious 2011 denial by the administration of connection to other worlds and life forms may come back to bite the boss in the bottom as truth wins out over censorship and control.

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