Internet has made globe a small place where people communicate with each other for professional or personal purposes, may it be for trade, business for some or for personal purposes for others.

People around the globe are eager to communicate with each other to know more about other peoples’ lives, their cultures or different places around the globe. Thus, Internet has made the globe a multilingual nation where people from different language speaking nations communicate with each other. Where language is not a barrier for people to interact with each other. A person can learn more than one language but it is not possible for a person to learn all the languages spoken in the whole world and not everyone can do this.

Websites are made in English language taking into account that English is the first language for most part of globe but it’s not true, there are people around the globe that don’t have English as their first language. So there needs to be a global platform for all people not speaking English to use websites that are not in their own languages. To give a global platform the need of language translating tools arise which makes it possible to translate from one language to another language and vice versa. To overcome this gap and remove this language barrier various companies came up with online language translating tools, which made it possible for everyone to view or read text or web sites in their own languages.

To sum up few of these tools, various browsers came up with the inbuilt translating tools which auto detects the language on the web page and automatically converts the text or page into the default set language on the computer system. Various other online free and paid tools are also available over the internet that provide the same services. Google provides the most common and convenient free service for all around the globe. ‘Google Chrome’ the Google browser have the in-built language detecting tools that automatically detects and converts pages into default set languages.

Other than this Google also provides various other tools for language translation. Most widely used is the language drop down menu available in most languages across the globe that is embedded into the websites and the user can choose the language from the list of available languages. The user can modify the language drop down according to the users wish and needs. It is the most easy and best suited way to make a web site multilingual.

Thus, with all these online language translating tools globe has become a global platform for everyone to communicate. This translation service is one of the best way to make communication much more easy and hassle free. Now you don't have to regret about the less knowledge of different language because now you can translate any language as per your need. This useful tool is very helpful for those who are looking further to communicate with people speak different languages. Now you can simply search for this tool over the internet and make things easier. We hope you like this service and also refer to your friends and other members. We would like to know about your feed back.

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