WiFi barriers, improperly configured router, or any other technical issue may degrade the performance of your internet connection. And an underperforming WiFi network can lead you to frustration and interrupt your work.

Wondering what to do to fix the home internet connection that underperforms? We have got you covered! This post is going to help you resolve the home internet connection underperformance issue. Continue reading.

1. Beware of Worms and Malware

An internet worm is a malicious program that outspreads through system networks. In the event that any of your PCs gets corrupted by a web worm, it will start spreading without your knowledge.

As a result, your internet slows down or degrades its performance. To avoid this issue, it is advised to keep an updated antivirus or antimalware program running to catch and wipe out malware and viruses from your devices.

2. Check Your Extender Settings

As the main component of a wireless network, your WiFi range extender (if configured improperly!) can be a reason why your internet connection underperforms. For example, if your extender is set to a congested WiFi band, then you get a slow or sluggish internet connection.

So, access mywifiext web interface and ensure that your extender is properly configured. In case mywifiext not working, use the default IP of your range extender to access its settings panel.

3. Stop Bandwidth-Hogging Background Programs

There are a few applications or software that run background processes without your information. And these processes are generally hidden and quietly eating up your network resources. As compared to worms, these applications are meant to do important work and should not be removed from a device.

Applications and games that work with videos require high transfer speed and extreme data transmission for other foreground processes. And it is obvious to neglect these applications that are running in the background. Therefore, check your system for applications running in the background whenever you find your internet connection underperforming.

4. Move Your Extender to a Better Location

WiFi can travel a certain distance and its signals can get blocked or interrupted by appliances, ceilings, walls, furniture, floors, and basically any large physical object. What's more, they can even get interrupted by radio waves from other devices like Bluetooth speakers, cordless phones, baby monitors, and microwaves.

Therefore, if your extender is stuck in a corner of your house, you may struggle with slow or sluggish WiFi connection at the other end of your house. The optimal location for your WiFi range extender is the central area of your home.

5. Update Your Extender's Firmware

Is your extender's firmware outdated? If so, this is the reason why your internet connection underperforms. So, update your WiFi range extender firmware right away. To get the job done, visit the new extender setup page through a web browser. After that, navigate to the Firmware Update section and check whether a new firmware version is available or not. If yes, walk through the on-screen instructions and update your WiFi range extender's firmware.

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