Facebook has successfully gone public in the USA as a technical stock which hit the highest records of financing. Meanwhile in China internet companies are battled fiercely.
On May 18, 360 CEO Hongyi Zhou and Xiaomi Technology CEO blamed each other due to mobile phone problems on the Micro-blog, and then Huawei terminal President Yuchengdong has also been embroiled in the battle.
At that time many internet corporations Presidents announced at a high profile that they would tap mobile markets, including Qihoo, 360, Baidu, NetEase etc. Sina and Renren.com have rolled out customized mobile phones with build-in programs, which were jointly developed by mobile phone manufacturers and companies.
Internet moving to the mobile phones battle started.
Mobile phones are not hinged on high expenses advertisement since Xiaomi Technology has made use of internet marketing as a strategy successfully and made great achievement. Hongyi Zhou has stated that internet marketing success can be attributed to the only one feature combining of internet and mobile phone.
Internet corporations investing in making mobile phones, which has presented their clear purpose, that is to build in their own service to expand revenue line and occupy more internet ports. It will attract more mobile phone users in the end.
However, some experts said internet corporations tapping in mobile phones aimed to grasp terminal ports. In fact the future competition may move from terminal competition to mobile internet competition and the mainstay is application and value-added service, not the mobile phone sets.
IBUonline is a B2B foreign trade platform, which has planned to move on mobile phone platform to seize more resources against other e-business conductors.

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