As for internet corporations, mobile resources battle is very hard as starting a secondary undertaking business. The companies are afraid to be eliminated if they did not occupy more resources.
There are three modes for internet companies moving in mobile businesses. First mode is to release operation system and terminal smart phone with build-in programs. Second mode is releasing more application products differentiated from PC terminal products. For example, Tencent rolled out KIK to send and receive messages, which can attract or develop more users and increase adhesiveness.
The fundamental reason for internet companies tapping mobile phones is to change internet strategy to move and gather users to their own platform, and then make profit through application and flow rate. Mobile phone is just a tool for them to develop internet application but not use mobile phone sets to make profits directly.
IBUonline is a B2B foreign trade platform, which has recruited many users at home and abroad. IBUonline is planning to move on mobile phones now.
Li kaifu also expressed his opinion that internet and mobile phone manufacture are two different industries, if the internet companies only build in programs on mobile phones to go on the market, ignoring users’ demand, which will lead to a bad end. Maybe few companies will succeed to stand out.
It is not easy to predict if internet corporations and mobile phone manufacturers can really bring benefits to the users and make profits on their own. It is sure that mobile phones manufacture, marketing and sales and profit margins are all changed totally by the combination of internet and mobile phone sets.
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