Internet entrepreneurs will pounce on viable income opportunities and that's for sure but they possess attributes far different from the typical opportunity seekers! Whereas some are merely looking around online for ways to earn an income the true entrepreneur chooses in most case to make it happen and is therefore more self motivated!

Here are 3 attributes that tend to set these 2 'business seeking' profiles apart in their quest to earn an income online!


An entrepreneur typically creates or develops their own vision based upon an interest or even a long held passion! On the other hand those looking for income opportunities are not that closely bonded to the direction they may take as long as it provides a way to earn an income for them! Where one may 'birth' an idea and therefore has a deeper attachment to it, the other is content with capitalizing on the creativity or ideas of another person! For them it is simply 'show me the money' and it goes no deeper than that!


As we 'hinted' at above true entrepreneurs are usually motivated by their interests or passions whereas opportunity seekers are simply looking to make money! Now money is a big motivator and there is no doubt about that but this type of motivation can lead people in many directions regardless of what the opportunity is built upon! Passion makes people more 'loyal' to their efforts thus making it easier to stay self motivated without changing direction based upon earning potential! Also not to be overlooked is that the quality of the service and/or product tends to be higher when there is passion involved!


As indicated however vaguely above a person with passion is obviously more committed to what they are doing regardless of the financial rewards! On the other hand those seeking income opportunities tend to migrate, and quite often, from one opportunity to the next! This does not allow for them to necessarily establish any roots or a high degree of expertise in any chosen field which doesn't serve their customers all too well!

True internet entrepreneurs tend to take a specified direction when trying to earn an income online based primarily upon a passion or vision as discussed above! What sets them apart from people merely seeking income opportunities is they are more self motivated and possess a much greater focus and commitment towards their pursuits! In the end it all comes down to a true entrepreneur 'makes things happen' while those seeking money making opportunities are for the most part following up on the ideas of others!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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