Article marketing is a powerful way to deliver content on the Internet. There are a large number of article sites that can get great search positioning. Articles provide searchers with fresh and up to date content that can build your business and make you an expert.
Articles by nature deliver content filled information about any subject under the sun. The savvy marketer can use articles to drive traffic to their websites, sales letters, opt in pages and affiliate products. Articles can be reprinted by others, if you allow it, which can help further spread your expertise around the globe. But how can a marketer use articles to make money?
Consider these tips:
* Write articles that are enticing to the searcher and highlight a certain keyword that relates to your business. Make this keyword "clickable" and use it to send readers to your sites.
* Repurpose teleseminar transcripts into brand new articles to get more mileage from work that you have already done.
* Use pages and excepts from your books to create fresh articles to drive traffic to your websites.
* Use a keyword selection tool and analyze the best the keywords for your business and use them in the titles of your articles.
* Make use of the tags in the article forms to help search engines find your articles quickly and easily.
* Write about your expertise in your field in your articles. Provide quality information that searchers can not find anywhere else.
* Make good use of the "authors box" or profile that most article sites provide. This is a great resource for driving traffic to any number of sites that you may own. It is in this authors resource box that you can leave clickable links to your sites.
* HINT: Make sure that your article pages on your main website are already indexed in Google and other search engines BEFORE submitting to major article sites. This ensures that your website gets credit from the search engines instead of the article site itself.
There is no limit to the amount of articles you can submit. Article marketing works so well in fact that it should play a major role in any Internet marketing strategy. The more you write, the more views you will get. Be creative and send qualified prospects to you websites and maximize your expertise and sales!

Author's Bio: 

Alka Dalal, MA. , MS., (NYU and Rutgers University) with many years of corporate experience, founded i-Speak Consulting to enable individuals to take a pro-active approach in being effective communicators in the workplace. She has enjoyed success with different careers, family life and business. She is thrilled to share the stories of her struggles and triumphs in spite of adversities with others, to help them build their dreams and succeed in their own ways and finding their own creativity.She draws upon her vast experience to provide valuable tips on how to succeed in today’s economy using great tool called Internet Marketing.