Making videos for the web is one of the most powerful tools for getting search positioning for your artist website. Videos attract search engines like no other kind of webpage. And they don't have to be just on your website... free hosting sites such as YouTube, Revver and Video.Yahoo attract millions of visitors a day to their sites and with simple searches there people kind find your videos. Most people think videos are too difficult to make by themselves, but nothing could be further from the truth.
To keep simple lighting and sound issues to a minimum, choose to make your videos outside. Lighting is very important to the look of a video especially when produced indoors. But outside natural lighting from the sun makes an easy set up for a great shot everytime! There are a few tips to shooting a video on location that you need to think about. First is the sun itself: make sure the sun is behind you helping light up the shot and not glaring straight into the lens. Be aware of your surroundings: notice if there is an activity of people in the background and whether they will be a distraction to your viewers. Location filming is great, but only if it's quiet: make sure that sirens, shouting or truck noises are not prevalent in your shot.
Playback a test shot to see if there are any wind noises. A windy day can ruin a perfectly great take because you can't hear the wind blasting against the camera's microphone until playback, and then you will hear this horrible whooshing noise. For the most part, however, you will get a far more professional look outside than inside because of lighting issues. Inside shots take some practice to make them look good, but until then, use a nice setting such as a garden, restaurant or main street to make a creative and powerful location for your video.

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