It may be trivial to many to pick a domain name but it is hard for others who have never picked one. Either way it would be best to follow these guidelines for your next domain name and you're on the road to success. Always have many domain names if they are available. They can be used for your sites as well as blogs.
Easy: It must be easy to say in person. Avoid "dashes" or "hyphens". People have a hard time finding them on a keyboard. Although they are allowed in a domain names, try to keep it as simple as possible.
Easy to understand over the phone or radio: Make sure it is easily understood over the phone or radio. Some "S" and "F" sounds are often confused.
Spelling: It should be easy to spell for the general public. Avoid using foreign words.
Typing: The longer the URL, the more likely a typo.
Prints and Online ads: You can always insert capital letters.
Address toolbar: Try writing and reading your domain and see how it would look on your tool bar. Some letters like (mrnrnm) are hard to read so avoid such mistakes.
Easy to remember: Words or phrases are easier to remember than a stream of letters in an acronym, unless your audience is already aware of it.
Try to stick with the original top-level domains like .com for business, .org for non-profits, and .net for network providers. Avoid .info and .biz if possible.
Today, there are more than 162 million domain names registered and more on their way every day. However, there are many which are expiring and abandoned. You can use the following sites for domain names. Godaddy and NetworkSolutions, and many more if you search on Google.

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