The year 2010 was a huge one for the entire internet world. This was the year that the internet big super power (Google) was challenged by the emergence and super-activities of Facebook. The growth of social networking continued to soar, and mobile internet surfing experienced a massive leap in taking the place of conventional PC in relation to surfing the internet – the iPad and iPhone made it possible.

Internet marketing trend for 2011- what will be the search subject?
Social networking has come to stay and will continue to grow more than it is now! Facebook and Twitter will continue to compete closely with Google in terms of the market share. This is particularly true if Facebook search engine rumor eventually comes true. More businesses will keep on breaking lose from the traditional online marketing techniques and shift massive attention to social presence. At the moment, social network is the topic everywhere. In essence, you are able to get across to a larger range of demographics in the course of promoting your business. Acquire skills on how to accomplish people following on Twitter.

2011 is likely to witness a little change with regards to search engine optimization; however, it will never cease to be the main aspect of online marketing strategy for most businesses. There would be concentration on ‘long tail’ niche markets, just the same way it has existed for some years, since the big brands are causing oversaturation on the broad keywords (the competition for these keywords is fierce). Marketers that are smart will search out long tail keywords in their business niche and embark on a quick and easy snap up on low competition keywords as well as low traffics. This gives them an edge over their competitors in their niche market.

Also, in 2011, we will continue to witness a massive increase in the use of mobile devices to surf the web. A lot of businesses are awakening to the reality that apps can be valuable tools for marketing. Estimation has it that more people are likely to access the internet with mobile browsers than they would with the conventional PC. So, begin to think mobile, and ensure that you have mobile-friendly websites.

A good number of mainstream businesses will lunch deep into blogging in 2011 than they have ever done. Don’t get carried away by the conventional news sections on the websites of a good number of people; as more people begin to place value on fresh info, web 2.0 will continue to soar. Search engines work tirelessly to ensure that they bring the most relevant information to their users, the information ofcourse is the most updated. Thus, businesses that can take time to do regular update on their info will experience massive turnaround in their rankings.

Also, it is possible that in this year of 2011, we are likely to see Augmented Reality gain eventual entrance into the mainstream market.

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