The past year was really a thrilling one for internet activities. In 2010, it appeared as though Facebook was a big threat to the mighty search engine – Google. In the same year, there was steady and continuous growth of social networking. Also, mobile web surfing became more popular than the conventional method with PCs – the iPad and iPhone played a major role in increased mobile browsing rates.

2011 Internet Marketing Trends

Social Networking Has Come to Stay
Social networking will increasingly grow in leaps and bounds. Facebook and Twitter will continually take a leap forward in taking share of Google’s huge market share and a lot of businesses are likely to divert their attention from the ‘conventional’ to social presence.

Obviously, social network has come to stay, everyone is clamoring about it and lots of businesses are benefiting massively from social online presence. It is the best way to reach out to vast demographics and bring your business offerings before them. Your job is to learn the tips for getting followers in these social networks.

There May be a New Face to Search Engine this Year
2011 may usher in a little change in search engine optimization; however, it will not stop being the major marketing strategy for several online businesses. Just as it has been in the past years, focus will shift to “long tail” niche markets - as competition for broad search terms become dense with big names (renowned brands). Sensitive marketers would research long tail keywords in their niche, so that they can crack up low traffic with ease.

Increase Rise in the Use of Mobile Devices to Access the Internet
Also, the use of mobile devices to surf the web will rise greatly in 2011. Businesses are increasingly taking advantage of apps as they begin to realize how powerful these tools are for marketing. It is envisaged that more people are likely to access the internet using mobile devices. than they would do with personal computers. So, it’s time to join the mobile browsing bandwagon. Also, ensure that your website features mobile-friendly tools.

The Use of Blogging as a Marketing Tool will Increase Greatly
More than ever before, a good number of mainstream businesses will join the bandwagon of those who are already using blogging as an online business marketing tool. Don’t focus much on traditional news sections feature on websites – more people are getting increasingly aware of the need for fresh information. So web 2.0 will increasingly rise as Search engines are making concerted efforts to bring fresh and highly relevant information to those surfing the web through them. Therefore, businesses that would embark on regular update of their contents will be rewarded significantly. Also, Augmented Reality is likely to break through into the mainstream market this year.

2011 is really loaded with changes in online marketing! Don’t be left out.

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