Most parents are concerned about child safety on the Internet online, and they should be. There have been many incidents where young children, mostly girls, believed they were talking to someone their own age, but were actually talking to an adult. Parents are also concerned about the websites their child may be exposed to. Fortunately, online learning there are ways parents can make surfing the Internet safer for their children.

There are three things a parent should do when it comes to allowing children under 13 to use the computer:

* Learn how to use parental controls

* Teach your kids about internet predators

* Monitor computer use

Parental controls

You can find many different parental control software programs like lido learning. These parental control programs can block explicit sites and images from the computer when your child uses it. Just set the controls to block the sites and images that you don't want your child to see and won't allow the child to enter. Make sure to keep your password secret from your child. Younger children generally won't explore things that are off-limits, but older children will be curious and will want to go places that may not be good for them.


Lidoclassesteach your kids about internet predators. And everyone you meet on the internet is weird. I made sure my son knew about this, and he never gave any personal information. It constantly reminded him that the cute blonde girl he was talking to might actually be a paunchy middle-aged man.

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