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With the economy still perplexed and unemployment on the rise it’s no surprise many people are turning to Internet Marketing. What I personally find really interesting is that young entrepreneurs such as students or dropouts are becoming the ones to lead online marketing ideas!

Take Mark Zuckerberg who invented Facebook; now the youngest billionaire in history at just 23 years old. There are many others such as Jack Dorsey who invented Twitter in 2006. Both were exceptionally clever students. Who can be sure; perhaps someone you know comes up with the next million dollar idea. One obvious thing is if you have or are considering developing your own website then obtaining traffic will be a major goal to fuel any kind of online business!

Whether you are trying to promote yourself, other people’s sites, or are looking to attract paying customers or nonprofit educational services like Students Ratings; then increased awareness to the online world will be extremely important. Running an online business from your PC or laptop is ideal because it bears little outlay to get started and minimum costs to maintain on an ongoing basis. The trouble lies in how to evaluate a genuine money making opportunity!

Internet Marketing is revolutionizing ways to bring in cash to help people survive as well as it is to earn massive incomes, but huge profits are frequently kept between a select few; the gurus who make them and want to keep making more. So if you are considering joining the many scores of Internet entrepreneurs then whatever you decide, tread wisely!

One such opportunity for people working from home is some ‘Online Advertising Companies’ who say they will pay for clicking on the ad links they create on websites. They sell advertising space to companies wanting to promote online, guarantee X volume of hits, and then need to generate traffic to click the ads to reach the agreed number of visitors. Instead of 100% genuine traffic that shows an avid interest in the products or services that are available, they bolster hits by saying they’ll pay Internet Marketers to earn from home by clicking on the ad links.

Ask yourself if you’d be happy contracting some online marketing company to promote your business and then in order to get the hits or traffic clicking on your ad link they simply hire online marketers like you or me to create the movement, or in other words statistics that traffic has been coming to your ads. It’s a bit like dodgy mineral water companies where they promise healthy water, but they forget to tell you it’s often no better than ordinary tap water. Yes, it’s purified, but isn’t tap water?

Another good way to explain it is on one hand they offer a service, and on the other they deliver figures that they have supplied the service when in actual fact they have used a magician’s trick by getting vulnerable Internet Marketers trying to make a crust to do their dirty work.

And then you have another method that also can be considered unscrupulous called Traffic Exchange. Iif you have your own website this appears to be another ideal opportunity to increase visiting traffic; but getting bombarded by so called high hitting traffic exchange sways webmasters to think twice before jumping onboard! Let me explain:

More often than not it’s a scam, and unless you've got plenty of online business savvy it's easy to fall prey to these so called guaranteed success machines. I am a member of one traffic exchange service and regularly hit the links to other members’ websites via the first page ads on this type of service related online business; so it requires time and effort as a member to gain points, or more appropriately known as credits.

These credits are later used if and when I create an ad for my registered website. As a consequence I will generate hitting traffic from other members that ultimately will improve my ranking, but the actual members clicking through to my link are generally members who like me want to generate traffic for their sites. And because I own my own personally built website it seemed like a sure fire way to attract more traffic. My only question over the last few months; is it genuine?

I gain credits generally ranging from between 1 to 5 every time I click on ads. What I realize now is that if everyone who joins has their own website and wants to promote it then shouldn’t they be promoting to individuals likely to be interested in what they have to offer? But that wasn’t how it was pitched to me! As a website owner the clicking on links of other website owners’ sites seems like a waste of time to me, as it may to you?

Anyway the way these traffic exchanges operate is by giving more credits to those who spend more time clicking ad links, but then they give additional credits to members who purchase them. Think of it this way: some people are prepared to walk while others take the bus. One has to pay and that’s where the catch is; money for additional credits hence added advertising to the wrong potential clients. If that isn’t a scam then what is? I’m not saying that on rare occasions another website owner might not take information from your site, or work with you and buy from you, but most of the time it just will not happen.

Let’s face it money potential is a sure fire way to arouse curiosity, and then if the website narrator has made wads of cash then many surfers searching for the ideal online business may become intrigued. These traffic exchanges make it seem like you’ll make it big. Could there be a way to cash in your knowledge to make a good return for your time and effort? On the other hand can money be the key to all evil because it makes people want to aspire to making fortunes, and quite often with complete disregard for the facts.

Greed is a common nominator that advances ignorance! And guess what? I’m ambitious, but nobody’s fool! There are plenty of scams out there, so don’t be the one to risk it without all the facts. Alertness is a key aspect to Internet Marketing so careful analysis is worth the effort before taking the risk. If confident then tread cautiously by joining on a trial basis without any obligation or payment.

As a job option many people are turning to this latest online craze of Internet Marketing. It beats having a boss telling you what to do, and allows working at one’s own pace during hours to suit. Can you blame anyone in this day and age for wanting the time flexibility and freedom that goes hand in hand with working from home? As long as a decent wage can be achieved then so be it!

One kind of big business is Online Paid Surveys. The truth about these so called sites is that most of them eventually do pay, but at what cost, and are you prepared to risk it? It felt very frustrating that new members are required to take part in several unpaid surveys in order to prove their commitment, which becomes apparent after joining. After trying several out for myself I had to keep filling in additional surveys without any compensation for my time and effort.

Surely if these online paid surveys were legitimate they wouldn’t keep expecting obligations and tasks to be completed for nothing on the premise that earnings would come at a later date. Can I believe that if I sat under any tree on this planet that fruit would fall on my head? Certainly with apple trees it might work! The truth is legitimate firms should offer straight forward job opportunities via online marketing channels such as survey completion.

Well, on quitting it became obvious that I’d been contributing to help them run their online businesses totally exempt of any payment to me. I must be a really nice guy, or maybe just a fool! That being said these companies often bank on suckers like me to generate enough completed surveys that can be used to present to their clients. They get paid and they stay with the profits at the expense of others.

This is another scam (beware), or is it another genuine business? I’m not sure, but what I will say is this, “If you take enough time to learn as much about Internet Marketing by trying business opportunities out, and providing you avoid investing in other peoples websites, then you will lose only your time, and minimum costs in building and running your own website if you have one. Time is money, but then some effort must be made in order to progress and improve your situation.

So why waste it in the first place? My rule of thumb is you have to speculate to accumulate, but take a step at a time – try to avoid benevolent fraud!

Author's Bio: 

Carl Boniface is a self development expert and currently provides information for students wishing to improve beyond the realms of school education, He is an avid believer that we all learn from our own mistakes, however, by having someone to shed light and give direction it helps in becoming successful.

Carl is currently developing for students in need!