When I first started marketing on the Internet I thought I was going to get rich overnight. That was what everyone else was doing. At least that is what they said. The reality is that like any other business it is built up at the speed of your knowledge.

So, if that is true, how do you and I increase the speed so that we can make a great living on the ‘Net? Well we all know there are people who are making fabulous incomes and they will keep doing that. They have found what I believe to be a key ingredient that increases their chances of success. They have found ways to band together. Every “big” internet marketer knows other “big” internet marketers. They even invite each other to their weddings! If this is so then the next question is how do you break into these inner circles?

Well, coming here is a great start. This is one of the places we place ideas and let you get to know who is who on the ‘Net. There are other places as well. Look for forums, twitter other people and ask, watch your inbox as they are likely sending you email, or do as I did and find a community to join. There are a few out there that are really helpful. Do people make money in building these communities? Yes is the answer there. That is why they are so effective. If you get paid to share your ideas and systems then you are going to show it in a way that allows others to make money. If it isn’t working you quickly get drummed out of the community.

One of the other effective points to consider is the connections. It can be lonely sitting in front of a computer at home if you come from a business where there were always others to chat with. Like it or not we are social animals and we enjoy being with others. Twitter is ok if you want to live inside 140 characters but most of us need interaction at a greater level.

It is your own personal choice about how you want to run your business but if you are spinning instead of winning look around for a community to join. There are many of them out there that are designed for us entrepreneurs. Not only will you gain friendships you will start winning on the net with greater ease.

Author's Bio: 

Hi, I'm Brent Travis. I live in Regina, SK. and work from my home office connecting with people all across North America. My major focal point for business is www.298Vacation.com. I'm a Platinum Affiliate with Global Resorts Network and we're building a great business online.

My history is in sales. I was in the life insurance industry for about 25 years and enjoyed helping people with their financial affairs. Towards the end of my career I focused on Farm Estate planning and was quite successful in the business. One of the things that I learned from my career was the more people you expose your services to, the more successful you will be. The old adage that sales is a numbers game always proved to be true.

On the internet you gain the ability to connect with thousands and thousands of people every day. I use various methods to get folks to connect to my website and take a look at the benefits of our business. Some are new fangled ideas and some are so old fashioned that you'd think I came off the Ark. They all work to have people take a look....some will love this business opportunity and some won't stay past 30 seconds. I've learned from my past experience that if someone is interested they will tell me...I've never been a "heavy" closer, it just isn't my nature to try and push people into something they don't want.

Here is a great place if you want to work online like I do.

Work Less, Make More Money, Do What You Love.