Wouldn’t it be nice to have an internet marketing guide that would guarantee the success of your new home based business? If you own a small brick and mortar shop and you wanted to get more exposure and more customers by opening a website online, wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a step by step guide that would absolutely assure new customers and new sales?

Now think about that for a moment. How many other business opportunities offer guaranteed success if you simply follow a particular blue print? That’s right - none.

And the same thing applies to online business. It’s no different from any other commercial endeavor other than it’s a whole lot cheaper to get started. And because it is so inexpensive to get started, thousands of people are giving it a shot without having the vaguest idea of how it works. They are drawn by the idea of making money with their computer and living the great life that a successful online business can provide.

These people are what are sometimes referred to as a “hungry crowd”. They want very badly to succeed and get their piece of the internet marketing pie. They want to be able to quit the day job and work from the comfort of their home. And they are willing to plunk down some money for someone to show them the way.

Are you one of these hungry people?

Because if you are, you need to look up and see the flock of vultures that are circling directly over your head. Each of these vultures also go by the name “guru” and each is touting internet marketing guides with “crazy obscene” claims. Make thousands in the first week. Earn money on autopilot. Just copy this site and rake in the dough. Follow this proven trick to get mega traffic to your site. Basically all the pitches involve promises of little wok and big bucks. All you have to do is whip out your credit card and buy this incredible internet marketing guide.

Now don’t get me wrong. Not all internet marketing guides are bogus. There are honest professionals that give rock solid advice that can help, not guarantee, a new internet marketer understand the system and get you on the right path. All of these legitimate guides will tell you the great benefits of an internet business and probably talk about how much they personally have made. None of them however, will tell you that it doesn’t take real work. These guides can make the process of learning how to market the internet much easier than simply going it alone.

So where do you find the “white hat” guides. The best way to choose a guide is to get a referral from somebody you know and trust. If you can’t do that, then it becomes a much bigger job and it will involve a great deal of hanging out in internet marketing forums. Be sure to Google whoever you decide on before you buy and see what other people are saying.

Having a “friend” in the business can make your day so much easier. Just be sure your friend doesn’t look like a vulture.

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Judith Shuttleworth runs a successful on-line, global, marketing business. She has coached and mentored others to achieve the same success. If you're thinking about a home based business and want to save yourself time and money, then wouldn't it make sense to have a friend in the business? Find out how you can jump start your business by visiting www.judith-shuttlworth.com