Much like the California gold rush back in the day where not many people were enthusiastic about finding gold until the initial few actually gained the Midas touch, the internet has had its share of spam sites, programs, courses and jobs that have cheated many. Don’t let that deter you though; all you need while scouring the online matrix is to keep both eyes open and peak your sense of discretion during these trying economic times.
Internet work from home is no easy task; as with any job search, you need to spend a lot of your time and patience finding the right job profile, at the right ‘place’. However, once you have found your ‘niche’ and start to grow your business or service, you can muster up the courage to bid Sayonara to your current job and Yes… Fire your boss!
They say the worst of times beings out the best of opportunities, and this is certainly no exception. Internet work from home jobs have given birth to online corporate czars who once experienced burnout and lost interest in their then current jobs, free thinkers, budding writers, and even activists by allowing unlimited freedom of speech and choice in their desire to pave their own path; all during this period of recession.
Before we discuss legitimate online jobs in a forthcoming article, here are a few do’s and don’ts you must keep in mind-
1. Stick with sites that focus on online job employment, rather than those shady ‘pay sites’ that ask you for your money in return for a ‘guaranteed job’. That is not the way to go, and you probably would not do that in the ‘real world’ job scenario as well. Upload your resume and cover letter on job search engines, freelancing websites and internet associations that specifically cater to your line of work- without letting your guard down.
2. A legitimate job provider will always answer specifically as to how often payments will be made, and what kind of support is meted out to probable employees.
3. If you get unexplained, vague offers in your mailbox promising you truckloads of money for not much hard work and skills required whatsoever, bin them. These are one of the traits of online scams, and if things are simply too good to be true- then they really are.
4. Get-rich-quick schemes will do anything but get your rich. Avoid them like the plague.
5. Legitimate employers will never ask you for money before you even start out on your job. Use your common sense and stop before you decide to shell out your hard earned dough on ‘starter kits’ and ‘investments’.
6. Chart out an achievable time management plan and be flexible. Internet work from home is not a cakewalk, and you would need to set up a work environment by dedicating a whole lot of time for equipment installation, office planning and placement, etc.
7. To power your internet work from home business, you may look up to online resources that enable both beginners and advanced internet business people to set up their own business models. These resources have dynamic tools to aid customer management. They also provide training and have programs as well as facilities to help you better your business by way of social networking, press release and SEO optimization tools to name just a few.
Above mentioned tips will not only make your internet work from home business a reality, but will also enable you to make it a profitable career option as well.

Copyright, 2010
Scott A Lifer

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Scott Lifer, born October 7th, 1967.
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Scott is a Professional Speaker in this Mega Information Era educating on “out of the box” investment methods with an emphasis on the only one, true tangible wealth building investment, commodities.
He believes strongly that the biggest impact of the financial collapse and breakdown of our socioeconomic systems is not the money being lost, but the pandemic state of “Isolationism” we all feel in trying to survive in this era.
Scott advocates and teaches on the importance of restoring that “American Spirit” of Free Enterprise networks by helping people get out of that JOB (Just Over Broke), out of the employer-employee top down model and into a system of mentors and coaches that truly want to help us all realize our hopes and dreams.

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